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Angela Jariwala’s feel-good rom com is a women’s fiction novel inspired by a true story: ‘Sometimes it’s a simple as meeting the boy next door’

We are absolutely delighted to let you know, that @TeamBATC project editor, Alice Rodgers, has bought a wonderful new novel from Abi Fellows of The Good Literary Agency, written by Angela Jariwala, that you are going to LOVE!

The Cat Share follows a moving story of two neighbours, who both think a certain tabby cat belongs to them. This is a heart-warming and uplifting rom com, perfect for cat lovers and fans of Beth O’Leary and Laura Jane Williams.

Jeanie lives alone with her cat Oscar – yes, she’s single but, after breaking up with her fiancé, she’s more than content to be living alone. Sometimes she worries she might be playing things too safe, but she’s had enough of taking risks.

Ben is a firefighter and, if he’s honest, he’s finding life hard. The arrival of a small tabby cat, who Ben decides to call Fred, helps him feel less isolated. But then, one day, Fred appears with a note tied to his collar from someone called Jeanie, accusing Ben of stealing her cat!

As the two near neighbours start corresponding via the cat, their notes to each other reveal the truths they are hiding from even their closest friends, and themselves.

The Cat Share is exactly the novel we all need right now. Warm and joyous, it follows two isolated people who are brought together by their shared love of a cat, exploring themes of friendship and mental wellbeing in a completely uplifting and humorous way. Angela’s writing is beautiful and perfectly brings these flawed and relatable characters to life.

Angela says: ‘Writing The Cat Share has brought me so much personal joy. In these dark times, it’s great to escape into the simple world of a wandering cat.  Jeanie and Ben are everyday people, there’s nothing particularly unusual about them but thanks to Oscar working his cat magic, he’s united two people that may have never met. I hope readers will love this book as much as I have enjoyed writing it’

We will be publishing in paperback, ebook and audio in March 2022, and will be able to share the GORGEOUS jacket with you soon, but in the meantime, here’s a picture of Pepper, who absolutely refused to let her owner tie a little note to her collar, but was very excited to hear about the book!






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