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We are absolutely delighted to introduce you to the brand new novel from Caroline Scott, The Visitors!


From the highly acclaimed author of The Photographer of the Lost, a BBC Radio 2 Book Club Pick, and When I Come Home Again, ‘A page-turning literary gem’ THE TIMES, comes a tale of a young war widow and one life-changing, sun-drenched visit to Cornwall in the summer of 1923…

‘Moving and profound’ HEAT

‘Caroline Scott weaves a tale about grief, love and life-changing revelations’  WOMAN’S OWN


Esme Nicholls is to spend the summer in Cornwall. Her late husband Alec, who died fighting in the war, grew up in Penzance, and she’s hoping to learn more about the man she loved and lost.

While there, she will stay with Gilbert, in his rambling seaside house, where he lives with his former brothers in arms. Esme is fascinated by this community of eccentric artists and former soldiers, and as she gets to know the men and their stories, she begins to feel this summer might be exactly what she needs.

But everything is not as idyllic as it seems – a mysterious new arrival later in the summer will turn Esme’s world upside down, and make her question everything she thought she knew about her life, and the people in it.


‘This thought-provoking and exquisitely written novel has touched my heart’ Liz Robinson for LoveReading, read her full review here.

‘A beautifully written story’ Susan ****

‘Beautifully done’ Kirsty ****

‘Poignant and emotional… beautiful words, placed with gentle eloquence’ Donna *****

‘Scott does a wonderful job of capturing the brief, hopeful years between the wars’ Rosemary ****

‘Another beautifully written book by Caroline Scott’ Karen *****

‘Once again Caroline Scott has brought us another page turning book, gripping from page one, filled with emotion and what ifs. I totally adored it and can highly recommend’ Jeannie *****

‘Caroline Scott has a way of writing about WW I, that immediately grabs your attention and through her narrative, you feel and experience the burden of the war to end all wars’ Karren *****

‘The storyline is good, the characters are endearing and I loved the setting. I really enjoyed reading it’ Aria *****

‘An engrossing read’ Maria ****

‘A beautifully poignant story’ Louise ****


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‘A beautifully written story set over a few different timelines that blend seamlessly.  The connection between characters was wonderfully touching and I adored it!!’  Karen, read her full review here.

‘Beautifully written, heart wrenching at times but ultimately a story of courage, loyalty and love’ Shelley, read her full review here.

‘This is a captivating and enthralling read, as beautiful as the landscape it is set in; simply stunning’ Juliet, read her full review here.

‘A beautifully written and emotional book’ Karen, read her full review here.

‘Eloquent, tender and emotional, The Visitors is a book that rewards the reader on so many different levels. It’s a meditation on grief, betrayal and loss but also an affirmation that, despite discovering what you always believed to be true may have been an illusion, it is possible to find the strength to start over again and the courage to follow your heart’ Cathy, read her full review here.

‘Caroline Scott has a nuance and elegance to her writing that is extremely hard to find elsewhere. The Visitors is a heart-wrenchingly emotional and beautiful read, and its depiction of loss, sacrifice and grief is absolutely pitch-perfect’ Jill, read her full review here.

‘With exceptional characters well described and a vivid appreciation of the countryside of post war Cornwall, this is a memorable book in so many ways’ Julie, read her full review here.

‘Beautifully reminiscent of a fractured time in history, the gentle eloquence of the novel shines through with every well written word as, once again, this talented story teller gives us a powerful and poignant story which shines the spotlight on human frailty, the horror of war, and its devastating aftermath’ Jo, read her full review here.

The Visitors is an astonishing tale of love, betrayal, heartache and – finally – redemption’ Fully Booked, read their full review here.

‘Evocative, engaging, enthralling and utterly enchanting’ Clare, read her full review here.

‘This is such a beautiful book. Exquisitely written using sensitive, evocative language, we really feel we are there in Cornwall and in the trenches in France during the Great War’ Veronika, read her full review here.

‘I felt every emotional element of this story – from the character’s happiness to their sadness and betrayal, it’s hard not to become attached when Scott writes them so well’ BookMark That, read their full post here.

‘The Visitors is another triumph for the author, because it’s a beautiful piece of historical fiction that tries to capture a moment in time where everything’s in flux’ Hayley, read her full review here.

‘An entirely compelling story, powerful in its impact, poignant and desperately moving. I loved every single moment – and, once more, I just have to say that the author has produced one of the very best books I’ve had the pleasure of reading this year’ Anne, read her full review here.

‘A devastating and yet redemptive piece of writing, achingly tender, beautifully written’ Susan, read her full review here.

‘Beautifully written, The Visitors is a powerful and deeply emotional exploration of not only grief and loss, but also of how the human spirit is somehow able to cope and even recover after trauma’ Cal, read her full review here.

‘A beguiling and beautifully layered Cornish-set tale that will sweep readers away, prepare to be completely and utterly enthralled by The Visitors‘ Julie, read her full review here.

The Visitors is a beautiful book. That beauty comes through glorious prose, perfect storytelling and wonderful characterisation but somehow those elements seem to blend into something far greater than the sum of their parts. This is a haunting book that will linger with me for a very long time. I absolutely loved it and cannot recommend it highly enough’ Linda, read her full review here.