The Two of Us
The Two of Us: A Staying in Love story by Andy Jones
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The Two of UsThe Two of Us isn’t a Love Story. I like to think of it as a Staying In Love Story.

When the book begins, Fisher and Ivy’s relationship is fresh out of the box – shiny, clean and free from scratches and bashed-in corners. They still think every little thing about the other is just wonderful. The love-making is exciting and satisfying, the jokes and anecdotes are funny and new. Fisher certainly isn’t farting in bed yet. But, sooner or later, he will. And one morning in the not too distant future Ivy will absentmindedly pull on a pair of grey knickers with knackered elastic. He will pee on the seat. She will forget to shave her legs. But that’s okay, that’s life. They will move – we hope – from In Love to plain old Love.

Love may not be as exciting as Being In Love (less sex; more baggy tracksuit bottoms) but it’s more substantial. Love creates new stories that you bore your friends with together. Love isn’t in such a hurry to get in the sack, but Love is less self-conscious, more relaxed and it knows what works. Problem is, you can’t see Love with rose petals in your eyes. So how can Fisher and Ivy really know they are right for each other until life throws some . . . well, life at them.

So that’s what I did. I whipped the floral rug of love from under Fisher and Ivy’s feet and dropped them hard onto the solid oak floorboards of reality. There are surprises, secrets, complications, disappointments and tragedy. Big stuff – really big stuff.

Quite coincidentally the book covers exactly twelve months. And it will change Fisher and Ivy profoundly. Whether they change into two people that have managed to stay in love, however . . . well, that’s for them to tell.




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