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Travel Essentials for a Long-haul Flight by Jackie Collins
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santangelos_hardback_1471112497_300It all starts with the bag and the carry-on.  Clothes etc. are taken care of in the main luggage, but what travels with you is of utmost importance.  I was once on a flight with Michael Caine who carried a large black bag, and in it he had everything you could possibly think of.  Headache pills?  No problem.  A band-aid?  Of course.  Lip-balm.  Yes.  And candy, paperback books, allergy pills, tweezers, chocolate.  Yes to everything!

What a guy!  What a great travelling companion!

I told his beautiful wife, Shakira, when we landed, and she smiled and said—“Ah yes, Michael never forgets anything.”

So I decided he was a great example in case one lands up at the wrong airport in an emergency as many people did after 9-11.

Here is what I think one should have in your carry-on bag.  Your favourite shoes, pants and a top, plus any jewellery you might be travelling with.  A camera—I favour the Canon G16, it takes great photos.  A soft pillow.  A warm scarf.  Your phone and iPad chargers.  And I usually take the manuscript of the book I’m working on.  The manuscript of “The Santangelos” came all over the world with me and I never wrote a word until I arrived at my destination!  Can’t write on planes, too much distraction.

In your handbag you should have all the essentials such as passport, money, magazines, mints, favourite make-up and lucky charms.  I wear mine around my neck.

Travelling today is a drag, but if you’re organized it’s not so bad.

Oh yes, and take a good book to read.  May I suggest “The Santangelos”.  Ha-ha!  Just kidding.  Although a reader had told me that reading one of my books always makes the trip go faster . . . .

Happy flying!