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I’m DELIGHTED to announce that we  bought not one, but TWO novels from our #DigitalOriginals #OneDay2020 open submissions day held in July 2020! My timeline was bursting at the seams with over a hundred pitches, and I ended up calling in a record number of entries, but there were two very special stories that blew me away, and I can’t wait for you to read them both!

First up… *drum roll*… Three’s a Crowd by Simon Booker.

When Simon tweet pitched to us, posing the question ‘What happens when an estranged father and son unwittingly fall in love with the same woman? Asking for a friend…’ I was immediately hooked, and had to be held back from acquiring the novel there and then!

Out-of-work actor Harriet is recuperating from a crash-and-burn affair with Damian – aka ‘Cockweasel’ – and making ends meet as a barista when she meets two rather lovely men. Tom is a regular at the café, and seems like such a nice guy. Smooth-talking DJ Richard is older, but in great shape – a real silver fox. 

Deciding to take a chance on both of them, Harriet doesn’t realise at first that she is actually dating father and son. Tom and Richard aren’t on speaking terms, and don’t share a last name – so how was she to know? By the time everyone finds out, both Tom and Richard are truly madly deeply in love with Harriet, and she’s faced with an impossible choice. 

But as the battle for her affections intensifies, ‘Cockweasel’ makes an unexpected reappearance and begs her to give him another chance…

Let me tell you, it’s hilarious. Genuinely laugh-out-loud funny – with the kind of killer lines that had me giggling for hours afterwards – it’s also super romantic, packed with twists and turns, and full to the brim with characters that completely leap off the page. If you’ve loved Something to Live For (Richard Roper), Love, Unscripted (Owen Nicholls), The Love Square (Laura Jane Williams), and Us (David Nicholls) I guarantee you will love Three’s A Crowd.

Three’s A Crowd is out NOW in #DigitalOriginals eBook!

‘Smart, clever and engaging – the perfect ‘what-if’ novel’ PENNY PARKES

‘What a treat this novel is! Compulsively readable, and with surprising twists and turns right to the end. And who knew that such a nightmarish situation could be so funny?’ DEBORAH MOGGACH

A witty twisty romp that leaps from the page. Perfect for lifting the spirits’ FANNY BLAKE

‘Funny, sad, uplifting and clever – pure escapism!’ SUSI HOLLIDAY

‘Quirky. Funny. Different. A  real tonic’ JANE CORRY

‘An absolute romp that managed to be sharp, funny and tender all at once – I loved it’ LAURA BAMBREY

’What an incredible read – tender, engrossing and extremely funny. I was laughing from the first page!’ LISA CUTTS

‘A beautifully executed, laugh-out-loud ride through the complex fluctuations of a father/son relationship and an unwittingly shared love interest’ OLIVIA LICHTENSTEIN

‘I can’t begin to tell you how much I loved this funny, clever and surprisingly touching novel. Pitch perfect, it had me howling with laughter from beginning to end’ HOLLY MARTIN

‘Punchy and pacey, witty and engaging with entertainment by the bucketload.  I absolutely LOVED it’ KIM NASH

‘A fresh funny and modern take on the romcom’ CLAIRE McGOWAN

author photo simon bookerAuthor and screenwriter Simon Booker writes crime novels and prime time TV drama for the BBC, ITV and US TV. He is also Writer in Residence at HMP Grendon.  His TV credits include BBC1’s Inspector Lynley Mysteries, Holby City and The Mrs Bradley Mysteries; ITV thrillers The Stepfather and The Blind Date; and Perfect Strangers, the CBS romantic comedy starring Rob Lowe and Anna Friel.  Simon lives in London and Deal. His partner is fellow crime writer and Killer Women co-founder Mel McGrath. They often discuss murder methods over breakfast. Three’s a Crowd is his first contemporary fiction novel.

‘What if an estranged father and son fell in love with the same woman?’

That’s the ‘elevator pitch’ for my new novel, THREE’S A CROWD. Elevator pitches are increasingly important in the world of publishing – a strong hook is vital in capturing the interest of editors and readers alike – but the concept originated in Hollywood, where scriptwriters’ careers are made or broken on the strength of a pitch. Having written the screenplays for several Working Title rom-coms (including PERFECT STRANGERS, starring Rob Lowe and Anna Friel as a mismatched couple destined to be together if only they could get out of their own way) I was keen to explore the genre in book form.


Writing for the screen is very different from writing for the page. The relationship between an author and her/his reader is personal, almost intimate, whereas a screenplay exists only as a blueprint for everyone else involved in making the movie. When it comes to directors, actors, location scouts, costume designers, make-up artists, lighting designers, sound technicians, production managers, camera operators, film editors and the dozens of other professionals involved in making a film – before they can set to work, they’re all dependent on the writer delivering a script.

If the same story is told between the pages of a book, however, the reader becomes her or his own director, wardrobe designer, set designer, make-up artist and casting director – absorbing the writer’s words and visualizing the story as they turn the pages of the novel. I’d love to see THREE’S A CROWD on the big screen (the small screen would do!) and would be fascinated to know which star performers readers would cast as 35-year-old Harriet, the barista and out-of-work-actor who finds herself wooed and pursued by two very different men – copywriter Tom, 25, and his 49-year-old silver fox disc-jockey dad, Richard. Tom and Richard aren’t on speaking terms, and don’t share a last name – so how was Harriet to know she was dating a father and his son? If you read THREE’S A CROWD – and I hope you will! – do drop me a line via my website ( and let me know your casting suggestions – and who knows, maybe I’ll see you at the premiere!


Simon x


‘A romantic comedy with bite, it’s a glorious blend of sweet and sharp’ LIZ ROBINSON, LOVEREADING

‘Has a little bit of everything, drama, mystery, love and well, the bottom line is that it is just fun to read!’ **** Inge

‘I really enjoyed Three’s A Crowd, it’s really funny and has lots of heart’ Kirsty

‘This was exactly what I needed. I was enthralled and laughed so much. Absolutely loved it from start to finish’ **** Lisa

‘The storyline is perfection and really keeps you engaged to the very end, full of laugh out loud moments alongside those that really warmed your heart, this was a delightful read!’ ***** Victoria

‘If you need a read that will make you absolutely howl with laughter then look no further’ **** Karena

‘The characters are beautifully written and I came to love them within the first few pages, and was rooting for them all the way to the end’ ***** WeekendBookClub

‘The witty writing really had me giggling, and was definitely my type of humour. I loved it very much!’ **** Shelby

‘I really enjoyed this book. It was fun, easy to read, and I enjoyed all of the characters and their personalities. Would definitely recommend!’ ***** Beckee

‘This romantic comedy came with an unexpected twist – highly recommended!’ **** Yana

Three’s A Crowd has a little bit of everything in there, it’s a love triangle romance story, but with humour and mysteries thrown in’ **** Daniella

‘I  found this book very funny and laughed out loud at it a few times. The phrase rom-com was made for books like this that aren’t too heavy on the relationships but have a great deal of comedy in them too’ **** Aileen

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the humour in this story – something much needed in the world at the moment. The pace is quick and there are plenty of clever twists to keep you wondering what will happen next’ Karen, read her full blog review here.

Three’s A Crowd has a little bit of everything – drama, mystery, love and well, the bottom line is that it is just fun to read’ Inge, read her full blog review here.

‘I was expecting a little slapstick humour in the book but it actually goes a lot deeper than that. This book tackles mental health head on, delving into topics not often talked about in a romantic comedy in this way and I definitely applaud Simon Booker for the content choices that he made’ Catriona, read her full blog review here.

‘A brilliant and entertaining debut. I liked how the story played out and, despite being so light-hearted and funny, it was full of depth, thought-provoking, and much more than a love- story’ Aga, read her blog review here.

‘witty, funny, modern and a joy to read’ Charlene, read her blog review here.



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