My three beach essentials by Team BATC
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No day trip’s complete without a beach bag overflowing with leaky water bottles, unwieldy books and other holiday ‘essentials’. But what would grab on to if you could only keep three things? We asked our authors.

Dani Atkins, author of Our Song
The number one beach essential in my tote bag is some form of bite relief. Anything with wings or a stinger seems determined to head straight for me as though I am the tastiest delicacy on the beach. Sun cream is my second essential. I’m paranoid about getting burnt, so the higher the factor the better. Remember how Achilles’ mum dipped him in the river to protect him as a baby… well I used to do something fairly similar with my kids with Ambre Solaire. Baby powder is my third essential beach bag item. I really hate the gritty feeling of walking in flip flops with sand-caked feet. Before leaving the beach I smother my feet in talc and all the sand just brushes away.

Santa Montefiore, author of Daughters of Castle Deverill
My Michael Kors Sunglasses – because I can’t read without them.  Clarins factor 30, because I don’t want to look like a lobster or die young… And a great book, obviously!

Penny Parkes, author of Out of Practice 
Sunglasses – mine happen to be prescription, so are essential when it comes to holiday reading! Add to that some major sunblock, as my freckles are staging a bid for world domination. And finally, a notepad. I know, I know, I’m on holiday – but when your mind’s in neutral, that’s when that niggling little plot suddenly falls into place!

Holly Hepburn, author of Summer at the Star and Sixpence
Sunglasses (so I don’t have to bother with mascara), lip gloss (because my sunglasses are big but not that big) and a lovely fat book (did you need to ask?).

Heidi Swain, author of Summer at Skylark Farm
Notebook and pen – I’ve discovered lazing on the beach, in fact lazing anywhere, more often than not provides the perfect opportunity for the muse to strike. I’ve been caught out too many times trying to scribble on till receipts and shopping lists so now I’m always prepared. I also take a parasol because I’m not a huge fan of hot weather and an empty plastic container. I can’t sit still for long so I always take a pretty plastic tub with a lid to the beach to indulge in a spot of beach combing and have somewhere safe to stash the shells and sea washed glass to take home as a souvenir.




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