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Notes From The Cotswolds – It’s all about teamwork… by Penny Parkes
2018/06/21  |  By:   |  Features  |  

Hanging up the phone, I have to confess I pinched myself a little. This weird and wonderful job of mine has more layers than a mille feuille and I have to confess that it still, on occasion, takes me by surprise.

That day’s unexpected request from my wonderful Editor?

Did I have time in my diary for an interview over Afternoon Tea with the fabulously inimitable Katie Fforde? Reader, I most certainly did.

Could I think of somewhere glorious to do it? I most certainly could.

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And so, in the name of work, Katie and I selflessly put aside our manuscripts and brushed our hair and spent a heavenly afternoon at Cowley Manor in the Cotswolds, escaping the phones, emails and post-it notes of our usual routine.


As you can see from the pictures, we took it terribly seriously, and spent several happy hours talking all things writing – a list of questions from my ever-thoughtful Ed. sending us off on all sorts of tangents… The tapestry of our writing lives is so firmly bedded in the Cotswolds, sharing many lovely author friends. And, of course, as it was Katie who encouraged me to put pen to paper in the first place, we had an awful lot of ground to cover.

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Next week, when the paperbacks (and Audiobook) of Best Practice hit the shelves of bookshops and supermarkets, you will see that all our hard work and cake consumption was for your very own reading pleasure.

In Tesco, you will find the resulting author Q&A as extra exclusive content.

And if you think Katie and I are trouble, than can you imagine shopping for your Wedding List with Elsie Townsend in tow? Wonder no more – for there is an exclusive short story in your Sainsbury’s paperback.


I cannot wait to hear what you think, and as I polish up the copy edits for next year’s Larkford offering, there’s a silly grin on my face from knowing what happens next. On the page, at least! I do hope you’ll join me for the ride…

Much love



Best Practice is out now in hardback and eBook and will be published in paperback on 28th June.