#StoopRead2018 by SJV
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IMG_2876As you may have noticed, I’ve not written a new column for a couple of weeks… that’s not to say I haven’t had anything to say, it’s just you know…  ‘stuff’ gets in the way sometimes right?  Like organising the S&S Sales Conference at London Wetland Centre (you MUST go, it’s a stunning tranquil space in West London and, AND, they’ve got otters!), having to attend a training course (grr….), big Q4 Presentation meetings with customers, celebrating my wedding anniversary, having dinner with Santa Montefiore and planning our next big Trade event which is happening next week with 13 authors in attendance and 50 or so retail and media guests… it’s all go I tell you!

But actually – none of those things are really the reason why I haven’t cracked on with 500 odd words about ‘something’.

The real reason is that thanks to the glorious weather London has enjoyed over the past couple of weekends, my #StoopRead campaign and therefore, my Summer Reading campaign, has kicked off like a demon, so I am now thoroughly heads down at every possible opportunity to make this, #StoopRead2018, my most accomplished year to date.

I’ve been living where I live for over 10 years – a first floor flat without a garden, and I’ve been sitting on my metaphorical stoop every Summer since we moved in.  Depending on the time of day, I’m either sat on a bench in the communal carpark (oh the glamour!), or on a camping chair literally outside my road adjacent front door (oh the danger!).  It may not be pretty and it certainly isn’t private, but I love my stoop.  Sure, sure, if you offered me a home with an actual garden, or a balcony, or a terrace of some kind… I’d bite your arm off.  But my stoop does the trick and after all, beggars can’t be choosers right?

IMG_2976  IMG_2954

I actively plan and schedule stoop days, stoop weekends, hell, I even take a whole week off work every year to stoop (it’s called a Bookation – do it my friends, you’ll never look back!)

So listen, forgive me if I’m a little quiet over the next few weeks… I’ve got a TBR pile as tall as Ben Nevis to enjoy!  Follow my challenge over on the twits on #StoopRead2018 – I’d love to hear your recommendations too.