Finding the Stillness… by SJV
2018/03/15  |  By:   |  Features  |  

Whichever plane, train or automobile I take, my commute to work will always have a half hour slot in ‘one place’. In the morning, thanks to the ungodly hour, that slot is (luckily) normally spent sitting down and normally involves catching up on emails, twitter or reading. It’s one of the very few constants in my life.

I did dabble in colouring for a while. I once candy crushed so hard I missed my stop. I’ve even been known to whip out some embroidery.  And more recently, thanks to The Words, I’ve had a bash at podcasts.

But then last week, in between visits to and from the hospital, powering through 40 hours of spreadsheets, nailing the finer details for the Spring Blogger Evening happening on Thursday (woohoo btw), presenting Autumn 18 to some of my customers, starting to build the 33 PowerPoint presentations I need for LBF and a super-secret plotting session for an exciting Summer project (more news to follow!) and, and, AND….I took a four day transcendental meditation course. I know right? Me? Meditation. EXACTLY.

So now, I’m trying to spend those precious half hour slots of the morning commute finding the stillness. Eyes closed, silently repeating my mantra…. calming the constant chatter-chatter of my thoughts.

I don’t think I’ve ‘got’ it yet. I don’t know if it’s really ‘me’. Quite frankly I’m not really sure why I signed up for the course in the first place, other than because Bob Roth – the world’s most prominent and sought-after transcendental meditation teacher (who’s course I’m taking – and who’s taught, amongst others, Daisy Lowe, Russell Brand, Stella McCartney, Oprah Winfrey, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ellen Degeneres, Arianna Huffington and Hugh Jackman… RIGHT?!) is perhaps the calmest chap I’ve ever met… but I’m going to give it a go. Soon. I promise. As soon as I’ve cleared the inbox.  And caught up on twitter.  And have finished reading this book. And the next urgent submission. And the 8 outstanding netgalleys I’ve got. And those beauties on my own ‘For Pleasure’ TBR Pile. And the rest of the work manuscripts I promised I’d read. And then, of course I’ll do it. Find my stillness? Sure sure.