Milly Johnson new author photo 2016 credit Charlotte Murphy
Confessions of a Stationery Nerd by Milly Johnson
2017/05/02  |  By:   |  Features  |  

RG-KingI am so glad the word ‘nerd’ has become a word almost associated with ‘chic’ rather than ‘weird’ because I am a nerd of the worst kind – or maybe the best kind, because I’m well happy about it.  I am (stands up and prepares to confess) a book and stationery nerd.  Not just pens and pencils, but anything with books on it: cushions, tables, curtains, remote control holders, handbags (more on that later, so do read on).  You can keep your Louboutin shoes, give me a pen studded with Swarovski crystals and I’ll start to slaver.  I own this very pen of which I speak – which glitters and gleams in my hand.  I also own a Mont Blanc which my other half bought me a couple of Christmases ago and was the true sign that he ‘got’ me, that he is a keeper. He buys me stationery.  He even buys me beautiful wooden desk furniture to put stationery in.  He is a stationery feeder. I have envelopes of every size, hammered paper, quills, old inks. I have paperclips in the shapes of cats and stamps and ink pads in every colour and design. I have ribbon personally designed for me with literary quotes on it.  I have journals so beautiful they should be on a shrine and worshipped and I look forward to starting writing a new book because that gives me the excuse (like I need one) to go out and buy more lovely pens and yet more notebooks to scribble in.  I need virgin paper upon which to scribble.

I even buy themed stationery.  To sign the Queen of Wishful Thinking books at this month’s signings, I have a shiny rose gold pen from Ice Stationery with a crown on the top.  Obviously I have a matching notebook, did you really have to ask?  I am in seventh heaven designing postcards and bookmarks for launch day.

Bookworm_Library_Brown_Leather_Shoulder_Bag_a_1024x1024My handbag is a Yoshi leather one with stitched books on it (yep – purse matches).  I am unashamedly a nerd of the highest order.  But I am not alone.  There is a comfort to be had in knowing that outwardly sensible and respectable novelists like Jill Mansell are as obsessed by stationery and paper as I am.

Just in case you wish me to lead you to the dark side, my newsletter this month has money off codes from Ice Stationery and Yoshi Bags, so please sign up:  Come join our happy band of stationery and book-thing nerds. As the big book itself says ‘The geeks will inherit the earth’.  At least I think that’s the quote.


The  new book by Milly Johnson - THE QUEEN OF WISHFUL THINKING – is available to now in eBook and Library Hardback format.  The paperback edition will be available to buy in all good bookshops on 4th May 2017.