Spring has finally, gloriously, sprung… by SJV
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Here we go chaps. Spring has finally, gloriously, sprung… I skipped to work yesterday with a renewed sense of hope and resilience despite the cancellation of the 6.22am for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON WHATSOEVER and the closure of Chancery Lane tube station due to ‘staff shortages’, despite the fact that I’ve failed (yet again) to win the lotto, and despite the fact that I’m (still) not beach body ready.

I’m trying to keep keeping on. To stay thankful and mindful and live my best life.

They don’t make it easy though do they? There’s always unexpected bumps in the road we’re forced to navigate. From a spilt coffee down a new blouse to Trump. From the children of Windrush scandal to a lost priceless earring.  From a mean comment from a colleague to a rotten haircut. From Syria to the NHS crisis.  And EVERYTHING inbetween.

But, BUT, there’s always the joy of a positive affirmation pencil, a bed of bright, bold, beautiful daffodils, Beyoncé nailing the tricky denim daisy dukes/yellow crop hoodie/white patent holographic fringe knee-high boot combo like a boss and Queer Eye to lift the fug.

IMG_2818Whilst ‘everything’ turns to utter despair around our ears there’s books and new Portobello gin-in-a-can.  There’s left over Easter eggs and the joy of a jaunty new t-shirt.  There’s Marc Spelmann on Britain’s Got Talent and a weird pink shiny neck bow/cape thing on Pretty Little Things that I’m determined to rock at our next big company meeting.  And of course, there’s always the joy of the second box of Krispy Kremes for just a fiver and the launch of the brand new nail varnish colours from Christian Louboutin

So keep the faith chaps, keep seeking out the little wins. The sunrise. Birdsong. A really good cuddle. Freshly laundered bedding…

This too shall pass. Repeat after me….this too shall pass.




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