When you say nothing at all…. by SJV
2018/02/26  |  By:   |  Features  |  

So, here I am, slightly later than my usual #commute, sat waiting for the train to depart at Ealing Broadway at 6.17am, staring at a new notes file on my iPhone desperately trying to conjure up a few hundred words to amuse, inform and entertain…and coming up with sweet Fanny Adams. Last week my life was small, quiet, calm. I went to work, did a bunch of chores, had a night out with friends, had lunch with an old work colleague, played with Pepper… you know, small, quiet, calm.

Events around the world were as shocking, horrendous and upsetting as they always seem to be these days – but this column isn’t really the place for that. Nor is it the place for debate on religion, diversity, #metoo, politics, current affairs – you know, the kind of subject matter that invites opinions, differing points of view, healthy raised voices.

I do, of course, have some strong views on politics, religion and the like – I am after all, a fully paid up member of the human race.  I also have opinions on public services, global warming, hate crimes, South Western Railway, freedom of speech, pay gap, Saturday night TV, dental hygienists, tuna melt sandwiches, sexism, racism, freedom of expression, Flat Whites… I mean, seriously, neither lack of knowledge, importance or experience has ever stopped me from having an opinion on anything and everything.  However, this column on this website for this community is the place for absolutely none of them. Not even one little bit.

So maybe this week, what I’m actually saying is nothing.  Sweet Fanny Adams.  Maybe there are SO many people with SO many opinions on SO many subjects, and the ease with which they can now share their thoughts makes it almost impossible to avoid them, that a little bit of small, quiet and calm would be preferable to the never ending chatter, chatter, chatter.  As the old saying goes – ‘if you have nothing nice (see also: new, interesting, valid) to say, shut your cake hole’

So in the spirit of small, quiet and calm I’m keeping it zipped.  You’ll get nada from me my friends.  Nope.  Nichts.  Not one little bit.  I’ll keep my counsel, hold my tongue, shut my trap.

But  in case you’re interested, in no particular order, my thoughts are = the route of all evil, shocking, absolute twaddle, unfathomable, underrated, horrendous, repugnant, not fit for purpose, the end of days, abhorrent, absolute twaddle, dire, disgusting, appalling, detestable, shocking, pointless and hateful.

But as I say, I’m keeping my lips sealed.  Sure…sure….