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So, listen, in a hop skip and a jump it will not only be St Val’s Day, but also, and, some might say more importantly, our 6th birthday!  I know right?  Six long years of living the dream surrounded by wonderfully romantic novels… it’s a hard old life isn’t it?  Yay to us, and yay to YOU for visiting our site, attending our events, reading our books, following us on twitter and facebook… we’ve had a ball and hope you have too?

9781471161674 (2)We also publish the very first in our brand new Picturehouse series by Holly Hepburn this month – the aptly named Brief Encounter at the Picturehouse By The Sea – so we’ve cobbled together our list of most romantic films here at @TeamBATC HQ… each one has a special place in our hearts.  We’d love to hear what YOUR favourite romantic movie is, so why not get involved on twitter with us, using the hashtag #Picturehouse… everyone who sends us a recommendation will go into the Big Hat of Chance to #WIN a goody bag…. so go go go!

Hayley recommends The Holiday….

This has to be my all-time favourite feel-good, warm-fuzzy-feeling, film.  Although top of the list for my festive film marathons, there’s always an excuse to watch it any time of the year. Picturesque cottages in Surrey, mansions and millionaires in LA and, of course, Jude Law; this film ticks all the boxes for the ultimate prosecco and pyjama night-in.  Not just about romance, The Holiday sees friendships that come from the most unlikely of places and shows us that a little bit of spontaneity can sometimes give us the break that we need.  It’s full of tear-jerkers (I’ve usually got prickly eyes by at least half way through), but the ending is the quintessential ‘happily-ever-after’ that you hope for.

Louise suggests Pretty In Pink…

I love an 80’s Rom-Com! The 80’s are full of classics like When Harry Met Sally, Say Anything & Some Kind Of Wonderful. They have some killer lines and are perfect to pair with a fluffy blanket and a hot choc with marshmallows; however Pretty In Pink is the one I will watch again and again. It’s not for the main romantic love interest, Andrew McCarthy, but for the best friend Duckie, played by Jon Cryer. Duckie’s scene in the Record shop is one my favourite Rom-Com scenes of all time and always makes me crack a smile. He’s brilliant and it truly is a must watch!

Joe just loves ….Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind….

My favourite romantic film is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which presents a brilliantly realistic portrayal of a relationship but through a great sci-fi concept. So it has something for everyone!  Joel and Clem (Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet) love each other, but also have the capacity to massively annoy each other and fall out. When Clem impulsively decides to have her memories of Joel erased, he is heartbroken and decides to go through the same process, leading into a mind-bending adventure through their history together. I’m not going to spoil the ending but what I find so romantic about it is the idea of choosing to be with the whole of someone, with all of the good, and all of the possibly not so good…

Sally picked Pretty Woman…

It’s the one film I can always watch no matter what mood I’m in. And what’s not to love? Young girl in love falls on hard times and becomes a prostitute with a heart of gold. Cold hearted businessman (Richard Gere in his best silver fox mode) stumbles upon her and together they learn how to love again. As Kit De Luca says, it’s a modern day Cinder-f**cking-rella.

Jamie just had to pick Midnight in Paris…

I love the back-and-forth in time idea, with no explanation and some crazy characters, and who wouldn’t want to go and drink in an authentic 1920s bar in Paris?! Very romantic setting, and the hapless Owen Wilson finds himself with the person you wouldn’t expect.  Great ending.

Jess picked a weird one, Obvious Child…!

One of my favourite romantic films of the last few years, which surprised me because it’s so ordinary, is Obvious Child. There’s no unrealistically dashing handsome stranger, or impossibly beautiful (or mousy until she takes her glasses off) girl. Jenny Slate makes me shriek with laughter (especially when she’s stalking her ex) and its just a very real depiction of dating and relationships, with all their gloriously funny twists and the inevitable crap. There’s a fairly flawed (albeit hilarious), average girl who has a one-night stand with another fairly average chap in a bar. She’s on the rebound, he’s a bit lost, and after one thing leads to another, they have a date at the abortion clinic. There are some truly swoony moments though, despite the slightly controversial subject matter. Plus the soundtrack makes you want to jump around loads.

Dawn went for the classic, Dirty Dancing…

Dirty Dancing is the one of the first romantic films I believe I ever saw.  Johnny Castle was the kind of man my 13 year-old-self thought was the best possible boyfriend ever.  Handsome.  Six-pack.  Incredible dancer.  Preferred a plain girl with a smart head over a hot blonde with a loose disposition. Prepared to stand up to my Dad…  I spent each holiday at Wall Park Pontin’s until the age of 16 hoping I would meet my very own Johnny, but funnily enough Blue Coats didn’t have quite the same appeal. I know every line, every song and almost every dance step of that film. Obviously now, with my 41 year old head on, a part-time, seasonal worker who every night bumps and grinds up against his insanely hot best female friend isn’t what I’d consider qualities in a life partner.  But then, oh then, Johnny was my man. Heeeey-hey, baby! (p.s. no mention of a watermelon in sight!)

Justine went for A Walk to Remember….

A Walk to Remember makes me bawl my eyes out every time I put it on. But I’d still watch it on repeat as it grounds me and reminds me what it is to be human. Set in North Carolina, popular and rebellious teenager Landon Carter gets into trouble and is made to do community service. During this time he notices Jamie Sullivan: a girl he has known since kindergarten; the local minister’s daughter; and a girl labelled as an outsider and a geek at school. Jamie agrees to help Landon learn his lines for the community service play on one condition: Landon must not to fall in love with her. He laughs this off as foolish, but the events that unfold prove that love is an unstoppable, uncontrollable force. A Nicolas Sparks adaptation, this one was always bound to pull at the heart-strings, but Mandy Moore and Shane West bring the story to life – a story about how love transcends boundaries and connects us all in life and in death.

Maisie suggests Weekend…

This little gem of a film knocked me sideways. Russell, closeted and lonely, meets Glen one night in Nottingham, days before Glen is leaving for a two-year art course in America. They share a couple of intense and sweet days; meeting friends, partying and trying not to admit how much they like each other. A touching and romantic story of how much a brief encounter can change your life. Does Glen stay for Russell or leave for America? You’ll have to watch the film to find out.

And last, but by no means least, Jo picked The Notebook… ’because this film guarantees a really good cry. And Ryan Gosling is a beautiful man.’  She’s not wrong is she?





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