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Last Letter Home news! by Rachel Hore
2018/07/25  |  By:   |  Features  |  

Good Housekeeping R&JI feel very honoured that Last Letter Home has been chosen for the new selection of the Richard and Judy Book Club in conjunction with W.H. Smith.   Theirs is surely one of the most successful retail promotions ever, and part of the reason is that Richard and Judy are responsible for choosing the books – they have to be ones they personally enjoy.  They always select a commendably wide and interesting range. Some are literary prize-winners, others more populist. They choose titles of many different genres, including nonfiction. All that the books are required to have in common is that they are great stories.

Readers respond very positively to Richard and Judy’s tastes and can vote for their favourites.  This interactive approach combined with the broad appeal of the selections means that the Book Club does a huge amount to encourage reading, and what could be more marvellous than that?  I love to be lost in a book and regularly buy something they’ve recommended.

Being a Richard and Judy pick has often made an author’s career.  This happened to me in 2011 when they chose my fourth novel, A Place of Secrets, which went on to become a bestseller.  When I was told a few weeks ago that a book of mine had been chosen again I could hardly believe it. I am so immensely grateful.

I hope that many readers will enjoy Last Letter Home and the other five great books on the new list, which I have already started to make my way through.  Which will be your favourite?

Love Rachel x

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