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With little over a month left until Books and the City opens its doors to submissions from authors far and wide, we’ve decided to share some #OneDay pearls of wisdom, and reveal to you exactly what TeamBATC are looking for . . .

As I’m sure you can imagine, hundreds of manuscripts cross our desks, and while the majority of them are well written, they just lack a certain spark or surge of originality that would really make them stand out in our minds. So, rather than sitting around hoping one author will miraculously grant us one of our submission-wishes, we’ve decided to make our own luck and tell you exactly what we’ve been missing.

Here at Books and the City, we have yet to receive a #DigitalOriginals submission that features one of the following ideas:


1.      Love Island

liWhether or not you are a fan of the TV show, the concept of a group of people trying to find love on a tropical island sounds like the perfect holiday read. Give me scorching sunshine, sandy beaches and a heart-fluttering flirtation with a dreamy islander – and maybe a drama-filled love triangle for good measure.


2.      Missed connections

slidingWe’ve all locked eyes with an attractive stranger on our commute into work and have promptly mapped out our entire futures together in our head, but I have yet to receive a submission that writes this as the love story we all want to read. What would be better to read on your daily slog into work!


3.      Pottery

ghostI love a good gardening/baking/camping book as much as the next person, but my need for a Ghost-inspired pottery-making book has yet to be fulfilled (just maybe without the heart-breaking loss side of things!)


4.      Vegans

vegaI know I just said about the baking, but a love story set in a vegan cupcake shop (with added romance from the local butcher?!) would make my day. Mix up the popular bakery trend, but putting a modern spin on a much-loved classic tale.



Love Bec x


BECRebecca Farrell joined Simon & Schuster UK in January 2018, and acquires female-driven commercial fiction for our list and looks after the editorial side of Books and the City. In her role, she works with a range of wonderful authors, including Paige Toon, Santa Montefiore, Claire Frost, Alice Peterson, Christina Pishiris, and many, many more. In the submissions she receives, she’s looking for a story with heart; a narrative she can engage with, feel the warmth of and a character she can root for. She loves anything that can makes her laugh and she’s dying to find a book that fills her with excitement, which she can really champion.  She loves finding the best new voices in fiction and is actively searching for the next great debut!