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Welcome to the very first #bookclub feature of 2017!

First up is a cracking 5* review of the latest Paige Toon novel – The Last Piece of My Heart – by Shaz Goodwin, owner of the blog JerasJamboree!

Paige-Toon-800x450I always enjoy the stories that Paige Toon creates as I know I’m guaranteed to be swept up in her character’s lives and experience all the ‘feels.’  In The Last Piece of my Heart, I love that Bridget gets her own story … in previous stories she’s always been a secondary character.  Always there for her friends (Laura in The Longest Holiday and Bronte in Thirteen Weddings) I was intrigued to see if she was how I had imagined her to be!  She was and much more.  I loved The Last Piece of my Heart and those feelings?  I still have them.  I thought there was a great balance of emotions.  There are many scenes that brought my emotions (laughter as well as tears) to the surface and unusually for me, there’s not just one scene that’s my favourite.  I could visualise the settings, whether that was in ‘Hermie’ the motorhome on the campsite, in Charlie’s home, London or Thailand.  Paige Toon knows how to build the picture and draw your senses in.  The way the theme of the story (that last piece of Bridget’s heart) ties all the threads up is inspired.  It’s not what you think it’s going to be.  I was eager to pick up The Last Piece of my Heart each evening and found it hard to put down.  It’s a story about family and trust, loss, healing and love.  It has plenty of ‘feels’ and characters you’ll want to be best friends with.  A keeper for me and highly recommended.



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