#OneDay2021 by Molly Crawford
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We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll once again be opening our doors to unagented submissions for #OneDay2021. Now in its eighth year, we’re keen to hear your most ‘uplifting, emotional, gripping, hilarious and unputdownable’ novel ideas.

On Thursday 15th July we’re asking you to send us a one line pitch plus the first 30 pages of your novel. You don’t have to have the full manuscript finished and ready to go, but you do have to have an exciting idea. And, if we like what we read, we’ll be in contact within a month to ask for the rest of your manuscript.

We’re looking for authors we can launch as part of our #DigitalOriginals programme in the same way we launched the careers of Heidi SwainHolly Hepburn, Laura Bambrey, Jackie FraserCaroline Scott and Christina Pishiris. Any author we acquire through our #OneDay2021 open submission day will be published in #DigitalOriginals eBook format, across the world in English language. Your book will benefit from in-house editorial, marketing and design teams.

Like always, we’re looking for relatable stories about universal themes. Stories that cause a reader to have an emotional reaction – it might be a romantic story that will make you swoon or a tale about a family that will make you gasp – and if it is… we want to see it in our inbox in July!

We know that fiction (particularly women’s fiction) doesn’t currently reflect the diverse world we live in so we are particularly keen to see novels that do reflect a diversity of experience – be that race, sexuality or ability. We are committed to the goal of building a culturally diverse publishing list, and offering a story for everyone.

Please email your submission to using the subject line ‘#OneDay2021′ between the hours of 8am and 8pm on Thursday July 15th 2021. You are allowed one submission per person (so you’ll want to make it count). Unfortunately we cannot accept submissions outside this window and any received will not be considered.

Additional information:

  • Your pitch will help us understand exactly what your novel is about and give us an idea of how we might talk to potential readers about it. If you’re struggling to pin down what your book is about, consider how you’d describe it to a friend. Remember that most stories start when something changes– identify what that is and how it affects your protagonist(s) and you’ll likely have your pitch. Pitches can be in the form of a question (What would happen if…) or descriptive (A woman walks into a bar….) – they really just have to be interesting!
  • Please attach the first 30 pages of your novel in a document attached to the body of your email. You can include a small summary of the rest of your novel (no longer than 400 words) and some information about yourself but this is not necessary.
  • We are not a vanity or custom publisher. #DigitalOriginals is part of the Simon & Schuster UK publishing company. A #DigitalOriginals author will benefit from the Simon & Schuster UK editorial, marketing and sales expertise and your contract with us under the #DigitalOriginals project offers you the same benefits as all Simon & Schuster UK authors receive.
  • If your novel is acquired by us, we will publish in digital format, which will be available across all e-tailers in the English language across the World.  You will be working with our experienced in-house team, and will be provided with a contract, full editorial input including copy editing and proof reading, an eBook jacket and a suite of marketing promotion.


Simon & Schuster are committed to the goal of building a culturally diverse publishing list, and offering a story for everyone.  We encourage authors to submit their work regardless of age, gender identity, disability status, race, nationality, religion or belief, sexual orientation, social or economic circumstance.



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