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For the seventh year running we are throwing away, ripping up and laughing in the face of rules, tradition and standard practice, and flinging open our doors (and our twitter channel) to prospective new commercial women’s fiction authors like YOU, with our #DigitalOriginals #OneDay open day.

However, in a HUGE plot twist, and in response to your feedback over the years, we’re running things a little different this year… so brace yourselves people, and welcome to #OneDay2020 tweet pitch!

On Wednesday 15th July from 8am to 8pm, writers of commercial women’s fiction from across the globe can #tweetpitch their work direct to us (the twitter account to pitch to will be announced at 8am on 15th July) in 280 characters (or less!)  – and we will be open to pitches where the novel might already be complete, or perhaps is still a WIP.  We will read your pitches as they come in – make sure you use the hashtag #OneDay2020 – and if we like what we read, we’ll make contact with you directly, within 24 hours, to find out more – so have your full synopsis and a 500 word introduction to who you are on standby!

As you will probably know, our award winning #DigitalOriginals eBook first publishing programme has launched the careers of, amongst others, Andy JonesHeidi SwainHolly HepburnPenny ParkesCatherine BennettoJuliet AshtonVictoria Walters, Clara Christensen, Robyn HardingKatherine ColletteThe Book NinjasClaire FrostCaroline Scott and Christina Pishiris and we are committed to the goal of building a culturally diverse publishing list.  We encourage authors to submit a pitch regardless of age, race, colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, social circumstance or disability status.

Here are some general guidelines to help you in your pitch to us:

  • The term ‘commercial women’s fiction’ is generally used to mean fiction that appeals primarily to women, though is not necessarily written by a women, and tends to be full of modern relationships featuring friends, family and lovers.  It can be funny, it can be sad, but most of all it covers great storytelling with believable characters and plot.
  • We are not a vanity or custom publisher. #DigitalOriginals is part of the Simon & Schuster UK publishing company. A #DigitalOriginals author will benefit from the Simon & Schuster UK editorial, marketing, publicity and sales expertise and your contract with us under the #DigitalOriginals project offers you the same benefits as all Simon & Schuster UK authors receive.
  • If your novel is acquired by us, we will publish in digital format, which will be available across all e-tailers in the English language across the World.  You will be working with our experienced in-house team, and will be provided with a contract, full editorial input including copy editing and proof reading, an eBook jacket and a suite of marketing and publicity promotion.


Only one pitch is permitted per person.  All pitches must be received between the hours of 8.00am and 8.00pm on 15th July 2020.  The twitter account to pitch to will be announced at 8am on 15th July, and all pitches must include the hashtag #OneDay2020.


Top tricks and tricks from Bec can be found here and her pearls of wisdom here.


My Top 10 Tips are:

1.      Write a pitch for the novel you would most like to read

2.     Make me laugh

3.     Make it fresh and original

4.     Make me cry

5.     Keep the story moving

6.     Grab me from the first line

7.     Tell me a story I haven’t read before

8.    Excite, engage and captivate me

9.    Create characters I will believe in

10.  Remember, we are only looking for ‘commercial women’s fiction’!