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#OneDay On! by Heidi Swain
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As anyone following me on Twitter or Facebook knows, 16 July 2015 will be one of the most monumental days of my life as Books and The City are publishing my debut novel, The Cherry Tree Café.

Flicking back through the pages of my writing diary it is hard to believe that so much can happen within the space of twelve months, but it has and, with that in mind, I wanted to give you a quick run-down about the literally life-changing journey that you could be about to embark upon should you be poised to submit your precious manuscript under the #oneday banner on 15 July.

Courtesy of faves, shares and retweets on social media last year I became aware of the Books and The City #oneday campaign sometime in June. At that point The Cherry Tree Café had been critiqued through the RNA New Writers Scheme and I was beginning to think about the next step. Totally in love with the story I was determined that it would be my debut novel and I was considering all publication possibilities.

Along with the potential self-pub route I also decided to submit to a couple of carefully selected publishers and with that in mind I meticulously prepared my #oneday submission and waited for the day to dawn. Having checked everything through one last time, I hit send, received confirmation that the manuscript had landed, and waited…

A few weeks later my heart went into overdrive as I received an email from S-J Virtue (Bookminx) herself, inviting me to London to discuss all things Cherry Tree. The meeting with both her and Clare Hey (editor extraordinaire) was quite simply a heady cocktail of hopes and dreams. Holding my breath and trying not to get too carried away, I came home and made an effort to carry on with everyday life.

Then it happened…

Back in London for the Creative Writing Masterclass, Clare Hey took me to one side and said the words that every aspiring author longs to hear –

‘We’d like to offer you a two-book deal…’

Don’t ask me what happened before, don’t ask me what happened after. I know a lot of smiling was involved; Dame Milly Johnson was there, as were the entire BATC family, there was cake and fizz to celebrate the success of the Masterclass and then the journey home to share the news with family and friends.

Just in time for Christmas I had signed, (best present ever) and been announced as a new Digital Originals author. By spring, I had edited, tweaked, attended a couple of fabulous events including the fabulous Spring Blogger Evening, approved the stunning cover and made publication day plans with the fantastic Books and The City team. And now here I am, poised for the launch, hanging the bunting and ready to crack open the champagne!

So there you have it folks, you have been warned. If you submit to #oneday when the flag goes up, then brace yourself, because you could just be about to start living the life you have been dreaming of!

Wishing you all the very best of luck.

Heidi x

Cherry Tree