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I am SO excited to introduce you to the new novel from Claire Frost, #TheOne, publishing in Spring 2022!




What happens when you lose the love of your life just three months after you meet him?

Lottie Brown has finally found The One. Leo is everything she’s ever wanted – he’s handsome, kind, funny and totally gets her. Three months into their relationship, Lottie is in love and happier than ever before.

But then Leo tragically dies, and Lottie is left floundering.

As she struggles to stop her life falling apart, Lottie learns more about the man she thought she knew, and starts to question whether Leo really was as perfect as he seemed…

The brand-new heart-breaking novel of love, loss and learning to live again, from the acclaimed author of MARRIED AT FIRST SWIPE. Perfect for fans of Paige Toon, Holly Miller and Rosie Walsh.

Here’s Claire herself, to tell you all about it…

Claire byline shotI am SO excited to introduce the Books and the City community to my brand-new novel called (drumroll please!) The One!

There’s no denying that the last year has changed us all in both big and small ways, and while I made a decision not to write about the pandemic itself, I did want to write a book about what happens when huge changes come crashing into your life and turn it completely upside down, for good and bad.

The One is about Lottie, who meets handsome, kind, funny Leo in the middle of Marks & Spencer (hot man + M&S desserts aisle = my idea of heaven, FYI!) and falls completely and absolutely in love in just a few weeks. It’s the kind of stay-up-all-night-talking-about-your-hopes-and-dreams love she’s seen her sisters and friends have but never dared believe she could feel herself. But three months in, just as she feels happier than she ever thought possible, she gets a phone call to say Leo has tragically died. As Lottie’s tries to navigate her grief and live in a world without the man she’d dreamed she’d spend the rest of her life with, she begins to question whether Leo was in fact as perfect as she’d believed – throwing everything she thought their relationship had been into doubt.

While this is a story about love, loss and learning to love again, it’s also a book about family. Lottie is the middle of three sisters and while she loves and relies on Annie and Em more than anyone else, she can’t help compare herself to them and how they have their lives sorted and mapped out. I wanted to explore that dynamic between sisters – how you know each other almost painfully well sometimes, how sisters can get away with saying things no one else can, and how no matter what happens, they will always be by your side.

I am so proud of The One – and I’m totally in love with this gorgeous cover that the fabulously talented BATC team have come up with! The paperback and ebook will be published on March 3 next year, but you can preorder it RIGHT NOW!

Let me know on Twitter and Instagram what you think of the cover and come back here for more updates soon.

Love, Claire x

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Praise for Claire Frost
‘Heart-warming and insightful’ KATIE MARSH, author of Unbreak Your Heart

‘A timely and heart-warming story that’s full of charming, relatable characters’ HOLLY MILLER, bestselling author of The Sight Of You

‘A total delight. I absolutely loved it!’ MILLY JOHNSONSunday Times bestselling author

‘A wonderful read!’ SOPHIE COUSENS, author of Just Haven’t Met You Yet

‘Refreshing, brilliantly-written and highly addictive!’ HELLY ACTON, author of The Couple

‘If you’re looking for a story to make you shed a few tears and cheer, this is the one!’ MIRANDA DICKINSONSunday Times bestselling author

‘The perfect tonic for these gloomy times. Totally relatable but at the same time, total escapism, and it was so easy to race through the pages’ LIA LOUIS, author of Dear Emmie Blue

‘Claire Frost’s writing is like your warmest gal pal gossiping with you over a gin’ LAURA JANE WILLIAMS, author of The Lucky Escape

‘Full of warmth, love and friendship, I loved it’ LAURA KEMP, author of Under a Starry Sky

‘A tender story that packs a real emotional punch’ NICOLA GILL, author of We Are Family

‘A heart-warming page-turner. Impossible to put down!’ HOLLY MARTIN, author of Sunlight Over Crystal Sands

‘I couldn’t put it down. What a wonderful, wise book!’ ALEX BROWNSunday Times bestselling author

‘A fabulously heart-warming novel about love, friendships, and being honest with yourself about what you want from life’ ANNA BELL, author of The Man I Didn’t Marry


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