My One True North by SJV
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Laurie and Pete should never have met.

But fate has pushed them together for a reason.

Six months ago, on the same night, Laurie and Pete both lost their partners.
Struggling to manage the grief, they join the same counselling group – and meet each other.

From their sadness, Pete and Laurie find happiness growing and they sense a fresh new beginning.
Except, the more they talk, the more they begin to spot the strange parallels in their stories.
Then Pete discovers a truth that changes everything.

But, as surely as a compass points north, some people cannot be kept apart.


My One True North is a story of friendship and what love means, of secrets uncovered, teashops on corners and the northern lights.


‘The feeling you get when you read a Milly Johnson book should be bottled and made available on the NHS’ Debbie Johnson

‘A heartfelt novel from one of our favourite authors’ Bella

‘A thought-provoking read that explores what it truly means to love’ Woman & Home 

Linda says : ‘I think this book is Milly Johnson at her absolute finest. I always enjoy her writing but My One True North seems to have that extra magical ingredient that makes it a joyous book to read in spite of the sadness that is the catalyst for the story. I absolutely loved it.’  Read her full review here.



Liz from LoveReading says : ‘Although your heart may well ache during, the overall feeling that I was left with after, was that I had just been given the hugest, squashiest hug.’ Read her full review here.


Melisa says : ‘I found this to be a wonderfully warm hearted book that at its heart, a love story with some added twists of fate that we all experience in life.’ Read her full review here.



The LoveReading Reader Panel reviews say : ‘Impossible to put down’, ‘One that you won’t want to miss’, ‘Highly recommended’, ‘You’re in for a real treat when you read this!!’, ‘A great feel-good novel’, ‘A beautiful story’, ‘A love story with a twist’ – read the full reviews here.

Michelle says : ‘My One True North is such an emotional rollercoaster; it’s laugh out loud funny, heartachingly poignant and completely perfect.’ Read her full review here.

Joanne says : ‘What a wonderful book! You can always rely on Milly Johnson to tell an irresistible story…’ Read her full review here.

MOTN pb Joanne Baird

Annette says : ‘My One True North is a powerful love story written by an amazing woman who has poured her heart out onto these pages.’  Read her full review here.


Catriona says : ‘I loved it so much, probably my favourite book of the year and definitely Milly’s best one yet!’ Read her full review here.

MOTN pb Catriona Merryweather

Dawn says : ‘Amazing, sad, tragic, uplifting, mesmerising, beautiful… all that and more!! I absolutely loved every page.’

MOTN pb Dawn Crooks

Jo says : ‘The most incredible story of love, loss, truth and hope. This is Milly Johnson at her absolute best, and you simply cannot miss this! Tipped already as one of my favourite books this year, this book is sheer perfection and a very easy 5 stars.’ Read her full review here.

Kirsty says : ‘A heartwarming, entertaining and uplifting tale of love, secrets and loss, truly a love story with a twist.’ Read her full review here.

Bronagh says : ‘I adored this book and absorbed it in one sitting! Delivering laughs, tears and new friendships, filled with warmth and charm, this is another stunning story from Yorkshire’s finest author.’  Read her full review here.

Michelle says : ‘My One True North highlights the importance of friendship, hope and love at a difficult times.’ Read her full review here.


Oriana says : ‘It’s so magnificently uplifting and heartbreaking at the same time, and I found myself flying through the pages, desperate to find out how their story would unravel.’ Read her full review here.

Noemi says : ‘A beautiful and emotional story that will break your heart and warm it at the same time.’ Read her full review here.

Alba says : ‘Milly Johnson has stolen my heart again with her new book, My One True North, an outstanding and heartfelt story about grief, friendship and love.’ Read her full review here.