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We are delighted to introduce you to the brand new novel – out NOW in hardback, eAudio and eBook -  #OneMoonlitNight, by Sunday Times bestselling author Rachel Hore.


Loyalty and betrayal, hope and despair, One Moonlit Night tells the captivating story of a husband and wife separated by secrets as well as by war.

Accept it, he is dead.
No, it’s not true.
It is. Everyone thinks so except you.

Forced to leave their family home in London after it is bombed, Maddie and her two young daughters take refuge at Knyghton, the beautiful country house in Norfolk where Maddie’s husband Philip spent the summers of his childhood.

But Philip is gone, believed to have been killed in action in northern France. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Maddie refuses to give up hope that she and Philip will some day be reunited.

Arriving at Knyghton, Maddie feels closer to her missing husband, but she soon realises that there’s a reason Philip has never spoken to her about his past. Something happened at Knyghton one summer years before. Something that involved Philip, his cousin Lyle and a mysterious young woman named Flora.

Maddie’s curiosity turns to desperation as she tries to discover the truth, but no one will speak about what happened all those years ago, and no one will reassure her that Philip will ever return to Knyghton.

‘Beautifully rich in period detail – an absorbing and touching story’ Erica James, Sunday Times bestselling author of Mothers & Daughters

‘So complex and moving, with a sense of mystery as powerful as the sense of love and betrayal’ Cathy Kelly

‘In this gripping, detailed, beautifully written drama, Hore brilliantly captures the danger and desperation on both the home and battle fronts’ Daily Mail


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‘Fascinating’ ****

‘A fantastic novel’ *****


‘Full of vivid descriptions and rich imagery’ ****


‘Very poignant, gritty at times, and with a touch of mystery that will keep you reading’ ****


‘An engaging and powerful work of historical fiction. Rachel writes with authority and from the heart’ ****


‘Compelling historical family drama set in lovely Norfolk which swept me up in the story. Highly recommend’ *****

‘An unforgettable story that gets more beautiful and moving as it goes on’ ****


‘A roller coaster read about love, loyalty and temptation, friendship and betrayal, isolation, hope and uncertainty, and family secrets and lies’ ****

‘Beautifully told with drama, love, human interest and full of believable characters’ *****


‘I really enjoyed this book. It had all of the right elements for an excellent read’ *****

‘Captivating and intriguing’ ****

‘A real page turner!’ *****

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‘I loved this book and will definitely be recommending it to others. The slow reveal of secrets was deliciously done and my desire to discover what was going on ensured that I found the book hard to put down’ Joanna, read her full blog tour review here.

One Moonlit Night is a rich, beautiful novel set during the war that is easy to get immersed in with its romance, secrets and war…’ Lou, read her full blog tour review here.

‘An enjoyable read, full of mystery, history and family drama’ Karen, read her full blog tour review here.

‘I adored this book. I could not put it down once I started it and just was instantly intrigued by the story and characters’ Beth, read her full blog tour review here.

‘The characters are fantastic and well developed, as always with Rachel’s books. It is impossible to dislike them and you become so invested that you want good things for them’ Vik, read her full blog tour review here.

‘A fantastic story with a realistic plot and just the right amount of twists and turns to keep you guessing’ Emma, read her full blog tour review here.

‘Beautifully written with wonderful characters you soon care about and an involving storyline. an excellent read and highly recommended!’ Karen, read her full blog tour review here.

‘An atmospheric, touching novel’ Laura, read her full blog tour review here.

‘A compelling story packed with secrets, hope and mystery, One Moonlit Night is a touching and poignant story about never giving up and family’ Bronagh, read her full blog tour review here.

‘A sweet, melancholic book’ Madeleine, read her full blog tour review here.

‘I thoroughly enjoyed this book… if you love historical fiction you will adore it too’ Kirsty, read her full blog tour review here.

‘I found One Moonlit Night entrancing, it pulled me into the story and I was so invested in the characters that I could not put it down. It’s a beautiful story of secrets, loyalty, betrayals, but most of all, hope and love’ Jo, read her full blog tour review here.