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#OneDay 2017 by SJV
2017/07/10  |  By:   |  Features  |  

Those of you that have been friends of for some time, will know that it was way back in 2014 that we launched our #DigitalOriginals publishing programme and held our very first #OneDay Open Submission event, to find the next star of the commercial women’s fiction genre.

I don’t think any of us expected that in just 4 short years, under that programme, we would have been able to add the names Andy Jones, Catherine Bennetto, Heidi Swain, Holly Hepburn, Juliet Ashton and Penny Parkes to our list of bestselling authors – with books still to publish this year by new authors to the #DigitalOriginals list; Robyn Harding and Clara Christensen.

Of course this Summer, we are a little (**) preoccupied with our fabulous #HeatSeeker short story competition in association with our friends at heat magazine – but that’s not to say that on 15th July my inbox won’t be wide open to receive any #OneDay submissions that might be lurking at the bottom of your WIP draw….

Exactly the same rules and guidelines as before -  we are ONLY looking for novels that would sit happily on a commercial women’s fiction list, and are asking you to submit just the first chapter of your manuscript, a short synopsis and a 100 word mini biography.

So, on 15th July, between the hours of 6am and 11.59pm, please feel free to email me – – I’ll be waiting!