Here and Now by Santa Montefiore
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We are delighted to introduce you to the brand new novel from Sunday Times bestselling author Santa Montefiore, Here and Now, the most moving book you’ll read this year.

Evocative, emotional and full of life – faced with losing everything, all the matters is Here and Now


Marigold has spent her life taking care of those around her, juggling family life with the running of the local shop, and being an all-round leader in her quiet yet welcoming community. When she finds herself forgetting things, everyone quickly puts it down to her age. But something about Marigold isn’t quite right, and it’s becoming harder for people to ignore.

As Marigold’s condition worsens, for the first time in their lives her family must find ways to care for the woman who has always cared for them. Desperate to show their support, the local community come together to celebrate Marigold, and to show her that losing your memories doesn’t matter, when there are people who will remember them for you . . .







Joanne says : ‘Here and Now is a very emotional story that will definitely tug at the heartstrings. Alongside the sadness though, what shines through is the love.’ Read her full review here.

Karen says : ‘Multi-stranded with atmospheric descriptions and great characters, the enduring message of this story is that love is all that matters: love of family – those still here and those who have passed on – love of friends and love of life in all its imperfections.’ Read her full review here.

Noemi says: ‘Here And Now is an engaging, inspiring, and memorable story about illness, family, friendship (I adored the sense of close community that the author evokes), and there is also love and I found myself completely engrossed in the love story of a young couple (I am not going to spoil it!). Highly recommended!’ Read her full review here.

Suzanne R says: ‘It’s the first book in a long time that left me with tears in my eyes.’

Reviewer599774 says: ‘I don’t think I have ever cried so much when reading a novel’

Marie K says: ‘A well written tale of family, community and most of all love’

Lucy R says: ‘Such a moving book.’

Megan J says: ‘Absolutely stunning and so incredibly moving.’

Reviewer509555 says: ‘I absolutely loved this book’

Hayley says : ‘A truly gorgeous story that will sadden, enlighten and having you living in the now and loving those who mean the most just a little more.’ Read her full review here.

Catriona says : ‘There is a smidgen of romance in this book which I loved but really the heart of this novel is the love of a family and how we can support each other in ways we never knew possible. This book did make me cry so read with tissues to hand but I would read this all again in a heartbeat. I highly recommend!’  Read her full review here.

Karen says : ‘Beautifully written, full of wonderful characters, humour, love and romance.’  Read her full review here.

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