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Introducing The Book Ninja! by SJV
2018/07/20  |  By:   |  Features  |  
the-book-ninja-9781471177163_hrI am extremely excited to introduce you all to Frankie. Frankie lives in Melbourne and works in a beautiful little bookshop with her best friend. The ideal working situation for any book lover, and Frankie LOVES books!

Tired of swiping on all of the dating apps, Frankie comes up with a brilliant plan. Why not let all the men in her life choose for her. And yes, we mean her book boyfriends helping her find a real one!

Like a ninja, Frankie secretly leaves copies of her favourite books on trains, buses and trams, inscribed with a message from her asking them to get in touch if they enjoyed reading it. I think we can all imagine some of the disastrous dates that come about!

Meanwhile… Sunny walks into the shop. He is the perfect Mr Darcy to Frankie’s Elizabeth. There’s just one problem… He’s never heard of Jane Austen. *GASP* Can Frankie let go of this hugely important fact for her almost perfect man, or will she continue hunting the rails for ever…?

You all are going to fall in love with this story and its hugely lovable cast of quirky characters, and I can’t wait to hear what you think! The eBook is available now to download, and the paperback is out on 9th August. Go!!

Love Emma x

E xx

Emma Capron | Editor, Fiction