My Road to eBook Publication! by Christina Pishiris
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Who fancies a little drinking game? I cordially invite you to join me in a round of Boozy Bingo – Authors’ Edition. The rules are simple: get yourself a bottle of wine/gin/Cinzano Bianco and take a swig every time I mention such writing clichés as: dream come true; couldn’t be happier; please buy my book!

Got it? Good. Oh hang on, there’s someone at the back who can’t find a corkscrew. No, it’s OK, disaster averted – the bottle has a screw-top.

Right then, let’s go!

My Road to eBook Publication, by Christina Pishiris.

Today, November 28th 2019, my debut novel ‘Love Songs For Sceptics’ publishes in eBook and I couldn’t be happier. (Oops, that didn’t take long.)

In fact, it’s a dream come true. (Oh no, two in quick succession, we’re going to need to pace ourselves – it’s a school night after all.) I feel so lucky to be joining the pantheon of authors in Simon & Schuster’s fabulous #DigitalOriginals range and to rub cyber shoulders with giants like Heidi Swain, Juliet Ashton and Claire Frost.

The beauty of an eBook is you can take it anywhere. Whether you load your Kindle with 3 or 300 books, its weight doesn’t change. And if you get the app on your phone, it remembers what page you were on on your Kindle when you’ve left the blessed thing at home because you were in such a rush to get to the hairdressers, and it’s taken weeks to get an appointment with the style director which was a dream come true. (Yikes! That one slipped out by accident.)

I’ve written previously about getting the longed-for ‘yes’ from a publisher. But what comes afterwards is still a mixture of nerve-tingling excitement and bum-squeaking terror. The rather brilliant Rebecca Farrell edited my book and was ruthless with her red pen. A good editor is worth her weight in gold, but Bec is worth a packed Wembley Stadium’s weight in gold and I couldn’t be happier. (Are you keeping up? We might have to crack open a second bottle.)

We discussed her suggested edits over lunch at a Greek restaurant in Covent Garden,  munching on souvlaki and tzatziki. A fitting meal, seeing as my main character comes from a Greek family whose tzatziki recipe is a highly guarded secret. If you like reading about a semi-dysfunctional Greek family, you’re in luck because one features in my novel so please buy my book. (Another one! Just checking: you did line your stomach beforehand right? Some bread or a slice of pizza usually do the trick.)

Bec soon had the manuscript in ship-shape and we worked together to name each chapter after a song. Compiling that list was a lot of fun and produced my favourite editorial note of the whole process: “Everyone loves a bit of Shania Twain.” A sentiment I think we can all agree with.

The next super exciting stage was the cover design. I wish I could say that I was somewhere glamorous when I first opened the email. Was I on a sun lounger being gently fanned by a pool boy? Nope. Was I running through a summer meadow, my hair softly caressed by a breeze? Afraid not. The sad truth is, I was in a car wash. Rock n roll, or what? And to make matters worse, as I drove out, it started to rain.

The cover is a thing of beauty, and I honestly couldn’t be hap  – NOPE! Not gonna say it. It wouldn’t be fair. You must be starting to see double by now…

Maybe I should wrap this up. Except, there was one last thing I wanted to say:

Please buy my book! Please buy my book! Please buy my book!

I’m evil! I’m sorry I couldn’t resist. But I’m here to hold your hair while you puke in the sink. It’s the least I could do.

Love, Christina x


eBook Mock Up - Love Songs NEW COVERLove Songs for Sceptics, the debut novel by Christina Pishiris, published in #DigitalOriginals eBook first today, 28th November 2019, and will be out in paperback edition on 30th April 2020.