The Minute I Saw You by Paige Toon
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We are delighted to introduce you to the brand new novel from the Sunday Times bestselling author Paige Toon. The perfect summer read for 2020!

Some people believe that it’s possible to fall in love simply by gazing into another person’s eyes . . .

When Hannah and Sonny meet, a spark ignites that is hard to ignore and impossible to forget. Weeks later, their paths cross again, but Sonny appears distant and reluctant to meet Hannah’s eye. It soon transpires that Sonny is at a crossroads. He’s committed to making serious life changes – ones that can’t and won’t include romance.

Hannah has her own reasons for wanting to keep their budding friendship platonic. Plus, she’s only in town temporarily, housesitting for her uncle. But as the summer hots up and the chemistry between them intensifies, Hannah and Sonny discover that there’s more to each other than meets the eye…


Rachel says : ‘Paige Toon was written another simply stunning story.  I found this this, like all of this authors books, to be a quick, easy to engage with book, that I didn’t want to put down.’ Read her full review here.

Simona says : ‘It’s another stunning and amazing book by Paige Toon. It’s a roller coaster of emotions and I also enjoyed being back in Cambridge. I absolutely adored the setting.’  Read her full review here.

Catriona says : ‘This is a beautiful slow burn of a book that explores love in all its forms. I love the topics that Paige Toon has had her characters meet head on and I loved being back in Cambridge again. This is the kind of book we all need in our lives right now and it was a pleasure to read, I hope to see these characters again very soon!’  Read her full review here.

Rea says : ‘Full of raw emotion, passion, devastation and romance this book is unforgettable and captivating.’ Read her full review here.

Noemi says :  ‘A splendid and unforgettable novel that gripped me and didn’t let me go’. Read her full review here.

Michelle says : ‘The Minute I Saw You is one of my favourite reads this year! Paige Toon’s writing is like a warm embrace. She takes you on a journey that always leaves you feeling uplifted by the end.’  Read her full review here.

Jenn says : ‘Breathtakingly heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. Paige Toon just melts my heart every single time. I absolutely adored The Minute I Saw You, it had me from the very first word and I couldn’t put it down – not that I even wanted to!’  Read her full review here.

Annette says : ‘This is Paige Toon at her very best and as always the last line gave me goosebumps because it was such a beautiful sentiment.’

Naomi says : ‘Paige Toon provides such rich character descriptions that are believable and with a humour that makes you feel as if you are long-time friends!’

Kirsty says : ‘There is always more to Paige’s writing than meets the eye and it’s always very unpredictable so you have no idea how it’s going to end! I love that! *****’ Read her full review here.

Heidi M says : ‘I’ve always loved Paige’s books and she never fails to disappoint with her warmth, wit and excellent perception.’

Hayley says : ‘My time with Sonny and Hannah was short seeing as I read it in one day, but their story is one I will remember fondly and I will be recommending forever more.’ Read her full review here.

Nadette says : ‘The Minute I Saw You is a beautiful journey, with twists and insights into serious topics and lovely characters. I love the story, love the seriousness behind it and the pure love it offers.’

Gemma says : ‘The Minute I saw You is unpredictable, brave, funny, and oh so intimate and sexy! THE book of Summer 2020, and Paige Toon’s best (and sexiest) book to date. This is one book that NEEDS to be on your summer reading pile!’

Bronagh says : ‘A fun and sexy story that was a joy to read from start to finish… a tender and uplifting book that will have you laughing and crying in equal measure… a unique tale, with relatable and fascinating characters that stays with you long after you close the final page.’. Read her full review here.

Roxanne says : ‘I honestly cannot recommend this book enough. It was everything I hoped it would be and more. Paige has a real talent for creating characters who will stay forever in my heart. I had tears in my eyes reading the last chapter as I just didn’t want to say goodbye to them!’  Read her full review here.

Kerry-Ann says : ‘The Minute I Saw You is heartwarming, tear-worthy, and will hit you in the feels. It takes you on an emotional journey you didn’t know you needed.’  Read her full review here.

Beth says : ‘Definitely a 10/10 from me.’  Read her full review here.

Alanya says: ‘This book was fantastic – I wish that could be my review, simply those four words! Maybe I’m bias, as I’m a huge, huge Paige Toon fan, but wow! A MUST-READ’

Nadette says: ‘I love the story, love the seriousness behind it and the pure love it offers. I think it’s my favourite book by Paige Toon’  Read her full review here.

CultureFly say: ‘An engaging, uplifting and emotional read that sizzles with chemistry and warmth from the very first page’  Read their full review here.

Natalie says: ‘A lovely romantic novel, full of passion. The characters are inviting and warm. The story is unique and moving, and I found it uplifting and heart-wrenching at times. It’s extremely addictive and a real page turner. I loved it.’ Read her full review here.




‘I always know I can trust a book by Paige Toon to give me some escapism!… Hannah and Sonny’s relationship is gorgeously flirty and the whole book is uplifting, touching and romantic while hitting some pretty big topics. I’m sad it’s over!… This was a pure delight to read.’ Giovanna Fletcher

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