Creating the perfect jacket…. by Matthew Johnson
2017/07/24  |  By:   |  Features  |  

For ‘You, Me, Everything’ by Catherine Isaac, the brief was simple; create a striking and beautiful package. From the outset we tired to avoid obvious ideas and concepts.  As we often do in the Art Department, we worked collectively to produce various ideas before narrowing down the visuals to the direction I had developed.


The strong narrative leant itself visually to converging paths and a sense of people coming together. I wanted to create something bold and visually striking. The intersecting lines, based loosely on a DNA ‘double helix’ felt like a really strong solution. You have the sense of a journey and hopefully a hint of lives coming together and moving apart. The illustrated figures are there to reinforce this idea and also to add a ‘human’ quality to the design.

I deliberately paired the design back as much as possible; removing anything I felt complicated the composition. The result, I hope, will catch the eye and draw people to the book.


You Me Everything by Catherine Isaac is available to pre-order now in eBook and hardback edition.