Love Songs for Sceptics by Christina Pishiris
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So, I went in to see the lovely folk at S&S Towers last week to talk about all things #LoveSongsForSceptics, out in eBook 28th November. (Phew, got the plug in early.)

We didn’t only talk about my book, of course, because the new John Lewis Christmas ad had dropped that morning and we spent ten minutes cooing over Excitable Edgar, the little dragon who has as much control over his fire-breathing reflex as I have over my own reflex to eat only one Cadbury’s Mini Roll when I buy a family pack.

The conversation eventually rolled back around to #LoveSongsForSceptics, via a quick discussion on the merits of Meat Loaf – the singer, not the dish – and the new cover that had been designed for the paperback. The team (Bec, Sara-Jade, Sarah, Rachel and Harriett) had some thrilling news: the new cover had gone down so well, it was going to feature on the ebook too.

I’d had a sneak peek at the almost-final version but now I was presented with the finished product in all its turquoise-and-heart-shaped glory. ‘Wow!’ was all I could say for about five minutes. Edgar wasn’t the only one excited today!

Look at my lovely heroine, Zoë, with fab new earphones. And OMG, is there now a BOY loitering on the right-hand side, rudely ignoring Zoë because he’s too busy looking at his phone? Not that Zoë cares –she’s too cool for that. And besides, she’s got more important things to worry about than a mere boy…  Romance is all very well, but it’s been half a century since The Beatles wrote ‘All You Need is Love’ and in that time we’ve learned that maybe love isn’t all you need. Sometimes, you need a good friend, a stonking song, and occasionally a family pack of Cadbury’s Mini-Rolls.

Love, Christina x


eBook Mock Up - Love Songs NEW COVERLove Songs for Sceptics, the debut novel by Christina Pishiris, publishes in #DigitalOriginals eBook first on 28th November and paperback edition on 30th April 2020.