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The Love Child by Rachel Hore
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Introducing the UNMISSABLE new novel from Rachel HoreSunday Times bestselling author of Last Letter Home, The Love Child.

Brilliantly evoking the changing attitudes of the time, The Love Child is a novel about love, family, separation, despair and hope, full of tenderness and deep feeling.

‘A gorgeous and deeply absorbing story’ TRACY REES

dinah jefferies

‘This tender account, spanning two generations, reveals how the loss affects mother and child across the years. A story that stirs the deepest emotions’ WOMAN & HOME

‘A poignant story, rich in period detail’ SUNDAY MIRROR

rosanna ley

‘A novel that stirs the deepest emotions’ WOMAN

‘Rachel’s stories are always absorbing and  intricately woven and The Love Child is no exception. This is a wonderfully moving tale of love and loss, hope and eventual reconciliation, and I very much enjoyed it’ BARBARA ERSKINE

jane johnson

‘I found her writing warm, compassionate in this story about one girl’s  search for her true identity amidst the secrets and dynamics of her adopted family. It had a realism about the poignancy of illegitimacy in this pre-war setting’ LEAH FLEMING


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@THEBOOKNERD90 says: ‘this compelling story is so beautifully written and was such an emotional and heartfelt read.’

@LOSTINTHEPAGES8 says: ‘a very moving story that will make readers connect with the characters and want them to succeed and achieve happiness.’

@THE.B00KREADER says: ‘I absolutely loved this book! The writing style is fab and the story is just so heartwarming!’

@MY.BOOKWORM.LIFE says : ‘I would recommend this one to people who like a family drama, with emotional story lines and switching timelines to build up that story and fill in details too’

@CUTLOOSEBOOKLOOSE says : ‘I’m so glad that I got to pick up this book, I very much loved following 2 women on an epic journey of discovering who they are and what is important to them.’

@TRACEYSYEARINBOOKS says : ‘The historical detail in this book is amazing. The plot is enthralling and so emotional. The authors writing style is beautiful and deals with some serious issues. Another powerful book from the author.’

@TALESOFALITERARYADDICT says : ‘a beautiful story about how a mother and daughter reunite!’

@GEORGIA_BOOKS says : ‘The Love Child is a heartbreakingly wonderful book…’

@GOTTCARL82 says : ‘Wonderful story-telling’

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@IRISH_BOOKFAIRY says : ‘This book is just beautiful. I have never read a book that has been written so well and turned out better than I hoped.’

@BOOKWORMANDTHEATREMOUSE  says : ‘A beautiful novel about love, identity and belonging, told through the story of two strong female characters – Alice and Irene. The writing is beautiful and evokes all the emotions, as well as tackling the tough issues for women in the early 20th century…’

@AMELIALOUISEREADS says : ‘This is a beautifully written book, and I loved how the separate threads of the plot began to intertwine as the story progressed. It touched my heart in a way that I wasn’t quite expecting, and I adored the strong female characters and their courage in choosing their own paths.’

@READBYRAY shared a mini extract.

@BOOKSBYTHEBOATS says : ‘ I really enjoyed it and the way we get to know the characters and follow them through their lives. ⁣It’s emotional in all the right ways, relatable and beautifully written.⁣’

@MEGAN_READINGAWAYTHEDAYS shared a mini extract.

@BOOKIE_MAMA_BEAR says : ‘The relationships are extremely well portrayed and developed. There is loss and sadness in spades but there is also love, family and friendship throughout. The writing is really beautiful as is the language used.’

@LYNSEYREADS says : ‘If I had to describe this book in one word, that word would be beautiful. I loved everything about this story – a story of loss, love, longing, family and friendship.’

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Jill says: ‘I absolutely loved this moving and evocative read. It drew me in from the very first paragraph and held me in its spell right until the very final page.’ Read her full review here.

Nicola says: ‘The Love Child is a charming and gentle story with so many levels to it.’ Read her full review here.

Joanna says: ‘a compelling, emotional but ultimately feel good book which I thoroughly enjoyed.’ Read her full review here.

Joanne says: ‘This is a beautifully told story depicting a time of rapid social change for women and showing how they made their way in the world in the aftermath of The Great War.’ Read her full review here.

Juliet says: ‘The Love Child is an emotive and compelling read full of heart and soul.  A moving and thought provoking read that I highly recommend.’ Read her full review here.

Amanda says: ‘For someone who hasn’t read Rachel Hore before, I am annoyed I have left it so long and shall be seeking out her titles to read and enjoy.’ Read her full review here.

Emma says: ‘Rich in historical detail, this book will have you rooting for a positive outcome.’ Read her full review here.

Sarah says: ‘Heartbreaking… a great read.’ Read her full review here.

Cheryl says: ‘a sensitive subject written with a gentle and understanding voice.’ Read her full review here.

Adele says: ‘The Love Child is an exceptional family saga with substance.’  Read her full review here.

Anne says: ‘An enthralling read, I enjoyed every moment.’ Read her full review here.

Jo says: ‘The Love Child captured my attention from the very beginning…’ Read her full review here.

Catriona says : ‘I absolutely love tales about children searching for their birth parents and families searching for each other, so I knew I had to read this book sooner rather than later. It was an absolute page turner and I read it in one long lovely sitting.  I love the fact that this book takes place over two different story lines, we have Alice’s and Irene’s story and we cover an extraordinary length of time. Both of these women are strong independent women who are striving to make the most of their lives and not be put in the place that society deems they should be. Yes, despite the fact that this novel is historical and mainly takes place in the time between the first and second world wars, these characters are still feminist and this is a novel about women taking their own power.  These characters grow up in different settings but are both living in a similar time. I loved both of these characters equally and found both of their stories incredibly intriguing. Because their narratives are separate, when you begin to sense that they might be about to intertwine you get that rush of adrenaline and start to turn the pages faster and faster.  I have to admit that I did share a tear for these characters and their own personal battles. I loved reading about both of them. This book is a emotional roller coaster that will absorb you into the time and the place and I am sure will have your turning the pages until you read the end just like I did.’

Noemi says: ‘The story is beautiful, moving, and real. I loved the characters, so authentic and engaging. And I loved the author’s writing style. The story and the characters come to life and I could almost imagine it as each scene unfolded. The Love Child is an absolute must-read!’ Read her full review here.