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The Lost Chapter by Caroline Bishop
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 We are absolutely delighted to introduce you to The Lost Chapter, the second book from Caroline Bishop, author of The Other Daughter.

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Set between glamorous 1950s France and present-day England, The Lost Chapter follows Flo as she revisits her formative years in finishing school by reading the novel her estranged friend has written about their time there.

‘This time-slip story deftly blends the two plots, constructing a suspenseful story that will keep you turning the pages’ Connexion Magazine

 ‘Powerful and engaging, this story of female friendship and societal expectations of the 1950s has a compelling mystery at the heart of the story’ My Weekly

Florence and Lilli meet at finishing school in Lyon. Despite some differences, they forge a firm friendship that promises to last a lifetime. But a terrible betrayal prematurely tears them apart.

Years later in England, Florence has become the woman her friend knew she could be – creative, bold, and independent. The exact opposite of Alice, a young woman troubled by a recent trauma, that Florence is determined to help bring out of her shell. Just as Lilli once did for her.

When Florence discovers that the novel she’s reading is written by Lilli and tells the story of their time at school, the two stories begin to unfold together. Past events illuminate the future, and it becomes clear the secrets never stay buried for long.

Richly imagined and with a powerful and emotional message at its heart, this is a novel you’ll find impossible to either put down or forget. It explores female friendship and womanhood whilst also weaving a compelling mystery. Perfect for fans of Rachel Hore, Tracey Rees, and Elizabeth Noble.

#TheLostChapter is out NOW in paperbackebook and audio!

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‘This story of friendship and living your best life is an absorbing read’ Jane, read her full review here.

‘This is a beautiful novel about friendship, growth and knowledge. I have been completely pulled in and unwilling to put this down. I have been transported reading this and it has been completely perfect’ Vik, read her full review here.

The Lost Chapter is a kind of book that makes you longing for the lost friendships. Not all of them can be brought back to life in the pages of a beautiful book’ Ilana, read her full review here.

‘The writing was excellent, descriptive but not overdone and it made me long for a trip to France where I too could lounge in a meadow with a picnic. There are twists, but none is contrived or ridiculous. A thoroughly wonderful book and I really cannot fault it!’ Mia, read her full review here.

‘This is beautifuly written. It’s the perfect kind of read, where you snuggle with a blanket and a hot drink. I found it was very emotional, which just makes you more invested in it. Absolutely loved it’ twoladiesandabook, read their full insta post here.

‘This book is completely enthralling. It draws you in from the first chapter and will keep you reading long after bedtime’ Emma, read her full review here.

The Lost Chapter is a really skillfully executed dual-timeline novel following school friends Lilli and Florence and present day Alice and mum, Carla. The timelines are well signposted and easy to follow and both are equally strong’ Lydia, read her full insta post here.

‘This is such a beautiful book. It is full of interesting characters, who are so endearing, I felt for them all. I couldn’t recommend this book highly enough’ Niamh, read her full insta post here.

‘A wonderful read about the power of friendship, taking a chance and learning to forgive yourself’ Madeleine, read her full review here.

‘The writing is powerful and this novel is particularly strong on women who influence each other. I found that I became very involved with the unfolding narratives within this book, and would recommend it as a slightly unusual and fascinating read’ Julie, read her full review here.

‘I love everything about this book. The jumps in time weave together beautifully, the characters are all rich and lovingly developed. I love a book that takes me into a different place and then, and this novel did just that. The story gently unfolds as the story moves on at a nice leisurely pace. I can’t recommend this book highly enough. Five stars all the way!!’ Jesse, read her insta post here.

‘I loved how Caroline created wonderful female characters who came together to share friendship, creativity and support. This is an uplifting book as different generations of women help each other to move forward, to find their true purpose and passions, and to be honest’ Karen, read her full review here.

‘Powerful. Engaging. Evocative. Memorable characters. Credible plot twists. An amazing sense of location (talk about couch travel!). A sense of anticipation maintained from beginning to end. The only downside is that it had to end’ Silvia, read her full review here.

‘This was completely out of my reading comfort zone but it spoke to me on many levels. Illustrating the strength that can be found in friendships and how they can change your life as the two stories merged towards the most beautiful conclusion’ Melanie, read her full review here.

‘Towards the end of the book there is a paragraph that simply starts with “She isn’t redundant; she’s just on pause” and I think it sums this beautiful  story up perfectly. Rather than a story of one woman, The Lost Chapter encompasses the stories of three women who are each struggling in their own ways to move on from past events’ Toni, read her insta post here.

‘An absorbing dual-timeline story with engaging and likeable characters, full of strong women, female friendships across generations and a well woven story’ Elizabeth, read her insta post here.

‘Wow what a beautifully written book’ Kelly, read her insta post here.

The Lost Chapter is a beautifully written emotional novel that left a warm glow when it ended with unexpected turns.  This could be a contender for one of my top books of the year. With beautiful prose, strong emotional connections, characters to hold dear and a mystery that makes you turn the page it is a must read’ DuvetDwellers, read their full review here.

‘A really beautiful page-turner from start to finish’ Heidi, read her insta post here.

‘A lovely story that I really enjoyed’ Sarah, read her insta post here.

‘I enjoyed this book massively and it was a great ending with a good twist that makes you realise that what you think is true, and may torture yourself over, is not always the case. It’s a well written, lovely book to read, all about love, home, family and friendship and I heartily recommend it’ Angi, read her full review here.

‘A complex, captivating and beautifully crafted tale of love, friendship and secrets.  An intriguing, dramatic and gorgeously constructed novel from a terrific storyteller, The Lost Chapter is storytelling at its finest’ Julie, read her full review here.

‘A poignant story about decisions, secrets and friendship that tugs on the heartstrings’ Bronagh, read her full review here.

‘Highlights the strength that can be found within friendships and how they have every possibility of changing the lives of all involved’ Sharon, read her full review here.

‘I read this so quickly, because I simply couldn’t tear myself away from the story of these four women. This book is beautifully written, moving and really celebrates the joy of female friendship’ Hayley, read her full review here.

‘There are regrets, hurt and a whole lot of emotion throughout the pages… Oh, but you will love it’ Bookreviewsfor1, read their full review here.

‘A stylish and evocative read, a mix of modern day issues combined with those of the not so distant past’ Anne, read her full review here.