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I don’t keep a diary.  Or a journal, or a goal book, or a ‘My Story’ planner, or an affirmation-dreams-daily thoughts-inspiration-gratitude-mindfulness organiser. I keep an appointment schedule in my old skool Filofax, but I know that’s not the same thing, not one little bit, but last week after having an absolute shocker of a week, the week before last (thank you Juliet Ashton, for your words of immense wisdom over a bucket of baba ghanoush and a ton of tabbouleh) I did a little experiment and kept a note of all the lovely things that happened, to help me get a little perspective and reclaim by mojo… and let me tell you, LOTS of lovely things happened in the past week.


We did our second Big Shop at Aldi and saved another hundred quid or so on our usual like-for-like groceries from overpricedbutnotanytastier.com.  Praise be to Jess to alerting me to the wonderment of the 29p bags of Midget Gems!

My new (thanks to the Editor’s Circle at The Pool) beauty pie subscription kicked in and my first box of  lotions and potions to get me looking young and fabulous arrived…and even if they don’t actually make me look young and fabulous, I still absolutely heart them and their cheap as chips price tag.


I did a Wii session with Mr Bookminx and can STILL, despite The Knee, squat-hold longer, steadier and deeper than he can….


I got a seat on the train both ways.  BOTH WAYS.

Thanks to a recommendation by Sarra Manning at Red, I ordered Ivy and Abe for the crazy eBook price of £1.99.

Thanks to Sam Humphreys at Mantle, I got a proof of the brand new Rosie Walsh novel, The Man Who Didn’t Call – and am LOVING it.



I ipod shuffled 6 hours of classical classics as I had a whole day out of the office, presenting to one of my favourite customers, where I got the opportunity to showcase some of the cracking books S&S will be publishing later this year, over a 6-pack of Hot Cross Buns.  And I had a Cappuccino Freddo too.

Pepper lap-catted for a whole hour, and it made my heart soar.



Books and the City celebrated its 7th Anniversary and lots of lovely people said lots of lovely things about it.

Thanks to a recommendation by Nina at Prima, I pre-ordered Grace after Henry by Eithne Shortall for the crazy eBook price of £2.84.

Sali Hughes and Jo Jones launched #BeautyBanks…. and less than 24 hours later had received all this booty from fellow small change big difference chaps and it made my heart explode.


Mr Bookminx made me salt fish fritters for our dinner AND got me a gorgeous bunch of my favourite flowers AND some fabulous cocktail inspired candles AND rubbed my bunions for 10 minutes.  What a man…



I listened to the second episode of the new The Words podcast, and fell in love with the whole new podcast world that I’ve never really engaged with before.

I listened to the Jackie Collins desert island discs from 1986 again, and was again reminded of what a wise, witty warm trailblazer she was…

I ate the MOST delicious cauliflower shawarma and megaderah and muhammara with Peter at Shawarma….


I caught 4 minutes of the men’s ice skating at the Pingyhoody Winter Olympics in the wee small hours of the morning and fell SO in love with Javier Fernández, that I’ve been youtube-ing videos of him ever since…

I discovered there is a local Korean restaurant that doesn’t judge you if you order 3 portions of Kimchee Pancakes for lunch…

I watched a video of a corgi riding a pony and laughed for about an hour and then watched back to back episodes of Marian Keyes’ World vlogs on the you-tubes, whilst on the tube.

Mr BookMinx did Pie for tea.


I had the amazing jerk chicken and mango ‘Brixton’ sushi made by Louise Candlish and got to put the world to rights with her for 5 hours over negronis….



Watched Wonder.

So, listen, what I’m trying to say is, of course, life isn’t all diamond shoes and roses, and despite the saying that goes ‘every cloud has a silver lining’, in reality not everything ‘too shall pass….’ but whilst the birds keep singing, the sun keeps rising and the gin keeps flowing, I’m going to keep trying to look on the bright side, keep trying to be grateful for the small wins, keep trying to live a small change big difference, more positive, more appreciative life. Join me. You don’t have to be ‘mindful’ to be happy, you just have to look, all be it look really REALLY hard sometimes, for the good in every single day.



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