Here we go again…. by SJV
2018/04/09  |  By:   |  Features  |  

LBFAt the risk of repeating myself, here we go again.

Tomorrow, LBF 2018 kicks off and the entire UK publishing world will set up camp in the halls of Olympia for 3 days of yada yada yada, shoe envy, tote collecting and sarcastic raised eyebrows.

Those of us who work in Sales or Rights or are actively involved in the acquisition process – Editors and Agents and the like – will be back to backing, fighting over desk allocations and gazing wistfully at those who glide down the aisles seemingly without a care in the world whilst we cross our legs and hope for a brief moment of respite to run to the loo…

Most of us who attend have a deep rooted love/hate relationship with LBF. It seems to get harder work every year – more prep, more meetings, more air kissing, more follow up, more more more. But equally it’s an opportunity to see customers that perhaps you only get to see once a year which can reap huge rewards; see friends, colleagues and frenemies for the inevitable ‘we MUST do breakfast/lunch/cocktails/supper soon‘ (NB: we NEVER catch up outside of the fair); and be immersed in the buzz of an industry that, without exception, we are all massively proud to work in.

I have yet to meet anyone who, deep down, under the usual universal gripes about workload and pay gap and process and systems, doesn’t absolutely LOVE this cray cray book world we are lucky to be a part of.

As someone who’s sold cars, photocopiers and houses, I can tell you with absolute confidence, that selling books is an absolute joy, a privilege and a total hoot.

So, despite the anxiety that’s gripped me for the past month, the 13 hour working days, the sleepless nights and manic mood swings, I’m determined to stay positive. Stay grateful. Stay excited and engaged. Get my game face on. Pull my pants up and put my best foot forward.

Yes, the van carrying everyone elses ‘stuff’ left last week without any of my kits on it, yes, I may not have finished all my reports or presentations yet, yes, I may not have, as ever, scheduled enough comfort breaks into my diary, yes, I may not have managed to secure a meeting with every single one of the 221 customers I really SHOULD have, but hey, I’m going in regardless – see you on the flip side and follow #LBF2018 for regular updates.