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Last Orders At The Star and Sixpence by Holly Hepburn
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Last Orders at the Star and Sixpence Blog Tour


Welcome to the fab Blog Tour for the brand new paperback from Holly Hepburn, #LastOrdersAtTheStarAndSixpence!

Ice-cold drinks, summer sun and colourful characters – welcome to the perfect village pub!
Nestled in the quiet countryside sits the cosy village of Little Monkham, home of The Star and Sixpence, a renovated pub owned by sisters Sam and Nessie. As the locals welcome the new season, it appears that change is afoot in their tiny community, and not all of it for the better . . .
Nessie is moving in with her boyfriend, leaving Sam alone in the pub. But with the arrival of new chef Gabriel causing a flutter among the women of the village, it seems that Sam might not be so lonely after all. Having just recently come out of a relationship, Sam’s attraction to Gabe is inconvenient, but that’s the least of her worries when an unexpected visitor arrives at the pub, determined to stir up trouble.
As Gabe and Sam grow closer, Little Monkham’s latest arrival threatens to reveal a secret that will turn more than one world upside down. Can Sam and Nessie work through the fall out, or is it really last orders at The Star and Sixpence?

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Gemma says : ‘Whilst this is a fun, light-hearted and uplifting kind of novel in most parts, Hepburn doesn’t shy away from tougher subjects and emotions.’ Read her full review here.

Jenn says : ‘…will take you away and leave you feeling all warm, cosy and full of friendship.’  Read her full review and her exclusive Top Five Things You Didn’t Know About Holly here.

Kaisha says : ‘To say that Last Orders at the Star and Sixpence stole my heart, would be absolutely bang on.’ Read her full review here.

Agi says : ‘ A gorgeous summer read – highly recommended!’ Read her full review here.

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