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Isabelle Broom’s Perfect Christmas Morning by Isabelle Broom
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Despite allegedly being a proper grown-up now, I still wake up every Christmas morning with a big smile on my face. I go home every year to spend the day with my family, and my mum still makes me a stocking. It’s a proper lumpy, bumpy one, too – none of this pillow case nonsense! I wake up on the sofa bed in the living room, the Christmas Tree lights casting their glow across the acres of presents (I’m one of six, so there are a lot of us buying gifts), with an enticing, overstuffed sock resting across my feet. It’s enchanting, exciting and utterly indulgent joy – and for a few minutes I always just let myself drink it all in. Then my dog jumps up and licks me on the face – yep, truly magical.

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We’ve never been any good at self-control or restraint in my family, so all the presents are opened over a morning cuppa, usually with lots of laughter. One of my recent gifts was a giraffe onesie, while my brother was given a Fart Machine. Yep, all very serious indeed…

Breakfast is always bacon sarnies (or fried eggs on toast for the veggie contingent), and then it’s considered acceptable to open the chocolates, unscrew the Baileys and settle down to a mammoth session of sprout peeling, all while watching some sort of naff Christmas film. My mum always cooks as if an entire Lancashire regiment of half-starved soldiers is coming over, but it all gets eaten eventually – why do you think I got a dog in the first place?

One of the most magical parts of Christmas morning is always the annual walking of said pooch. There’s nothing quite like wandering through deserted streets and parks, hopefully covered in a nice crunchy frost (or even snow – remember that?), your belly warmed by the post-breakfast Baileys and your fingers kept snug by the gloves you found in your stocking. As I walk, passing houses on my way, I like to think about all the families inside. I wonder what funny little traditions they have, what they’re having for their lunch, and whether or not they got a gift that is set to change their life somehow. Seriously, you have no idea what a giraffe onesie can do for a girl’s love life…

Christmas mornings are magical because we allow them to be, but I like to think that every day has a little magic in it – you just have to make sure you’re always looking for it.

Isabelle Broom

Quick Fire Round:

Q: What is your favourite Christmas song?
A: Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree – always makes me smile!

Q: Baileys or Mulled Wine?
A: Mulled Wine while wrapping, Baileys while unwrapping.

Q: Favourite ever Christmas present?
A: Nothing’s ever beaten the Care Bears I got aged six!

Q: Mince Pie or Yule Log?
A: Mince Pie – with a dollop of ice cream.

Q: What would you like to find in your Christmas stocking this year?
A: The gift of more spare time – I have a book to finish!