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Introducing… The Slow Lane Walkers Club by Molly Crawford
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the-slow-lane-walkers-club-9781398509061_hrWe are thrilled to introduce you to The Slow Lane Walkers Club the heart-warming and uplifting new novel by Rosa Temple, perfect for fans of Ruth Hogan, Hazel Prior and Clare Pooley.

The novel follows Daniel who, after returning home to Cornwall following a decade abroad, forms a walking group hoping to make new friends. Molly says: “He’s initially disappointed that the only person who shows up to the first walk is an 85-year-old woman in crocs. But what follows is a feel-good tale of unlikely friendship, community and learning to live life in the slow lane”

Daniel isn’t used to living life in the slow lane. So when he finds himself unexpectedly jobless and back in his old Cornish hometown, he can’t sit still.

Hazel used to be adventurous too. But now widowed and in her eighties, she barely leaves the house. When she sees an advert for Daniel’s new walking club, she grabs at the chance of some excitement.

Daniel’s heart sinks when he sees that the only person who’s turned up for his walking club is the crazy old lady from two doors down. But what he doesn’t expect is to discover that Hazel is one of the most fascinating people he’s ever met…

“I’m over the moon that S&S are publishing Rosa’s wonderful novel. As soon as I read The Slow Lane Walkers Club it was clear that Rosa had created a whole cast of characters readers will find impossible to forget. It’s a gorgeous, warm and uplifting story about friendship, community, and the joy of walking; as well as being an incredibly exciting addition to our 2022 list.”

We will be publishing in paperback and ebook in May 2022 and we can’t wait to share this wonderful novel with you!



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