If You Were Here by Alice Peterson
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First stop on the #blogtour is Annette, who has a smashing Q&A with Alice – read it here.

Gemma says:  ‘If You Were Here is a poignant, inspiring and thought-provoking story about the utter strength and courage we find within ourselves in times of uncertainty, appreciating what you have and just living in the moment!’  Read her full review here.

Kaisha says: ‘Alice Peterson writes stories about characters who are dealing with things that no-one hardly ever talks about. If the subject is likely to be seen as taboo, Alice Peterson is straight in there, bringing her characters personalities to life with such dignity, courage, poise and realism.’  Read her full review here.

Agi says: ‘If You Were Here is full of hope. It’s the kind of novel that make you look at the world differently again, and start to appreciate all the little things . The telling is so rich and vivid, oozing in feelings and emotions of courage, faith and strength. I loved every single moment of it and will be highly recommending right and left!’  Read her full review and an exclusive extract here.

Nicola says: ‘A truly emotional story that will stay with me and my line of friends that I’ve gushed to about this book since chapter one.  Hand on heart a perfect 5 golden apple read.’ Read her full review here.

Maria says: ‘This is a bittersweet story, not easy to read, but beautiful and so special that I am sure you’ll remember it for a long time.’ Read her full review here.

Amy-Louise says: ‘Completely and utterly moving, If You Were Here asks the question, what would you do if your future was already decided? ‘Read her full review here.

Vicky says: ‘This book was a lovely, bittersweet read about love in all its forms, and about the power of the human spirit.’ Read her full review here.

Join Alba who hosted an Author Q&A with Alice here.

Rea says: ‘Alice has such a beautiful writing voice which carries me away each and every time and I am always so sad to come to the end of her books and leave her loveable and lifelike characters behind.’  Read her full review, and enter a giveway to win one of 5 copies, here.

Catriona says: ‘Well this book sucked me right in and then spat me out again just a bundle of emotions. When they say that a book give you all the feels, this must be the book they’re talking about because it is emotional and joyful and heart wrenching all at the same time.  I love the fact that this novel is told from 2 different generations. We have the grandmother and the granddaughter and whilst they are of course strongly connected through Beth, Peggy’s daughter and Flo’s mother, they lead very different lives. They do have a certain amount of fear in common through. It was wonderful to hear both their sides of the story and also to watch both of them grow in different ways over the course of the book.  There are diary entries from Beth built into the storyline. I loved reading these as they really did move the story forwards and also provide some tension and some key cliffhangers as the novel progressed. Beth gives us clues as to what is currently going on in both Flo’s and Peggy’s lives and it was wonderful. I love any story that includes diary entries.  I really enjoyed the setting of this book as well because I am very familiar with that part of London and could imagine the characters going about their lives there. An Honourable mention goes to the secondary characters in this book also. I loved getting to know James, Maddie and Ricky. They really grounded our main characters and I loved their own back stories and families just as much as Peggy and Flo’s.  I really recommend this book. I didn’t actually end up shedding tears over this one although it was intense but it was wholly uplifting and encouraged me to live life to the fullest that’s for sure!’

Bronagh says: ‘Full of inspirational and heartwarming stories, this book is an uplifting, emotional, compassionate and thought provoking story that really raises the awareness of Huntington’s disease and leaves the reader breathless on the final page of this life affirming story.’ Read her full review here.

Rachel says: ‘a thought provoking and emotional book.’ Read her full review here.

The brilliant new Alice Peterson novel, #IfYouWereHere, is out now in eBook, and paperback - and we are delighted to share below some fabulous reviews here…

‘I can toast to my future, but the thundercloud over my head, the threat of a storm, will follow me like a shadow wherever I go. The truth is, I have a potential bomb in my bag, and who knows when or where it will go off’

An emotional, inspiring and uplifting novel about living life to the fullest, IF YOU WERE HERE will break your heart and put it back together.





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Gemma says ‘If You Were Here is a poignant, inspiring and thought-provoking story about the utter strength and courage we find within ourselves in times of uncertainty, appreciating what you have, and just living in the moment!’  Read the full review here.