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Holiday!!! by Heidi Swain
2017/08/04  |  By:   |  Features  |  

gloriaI’m ridiculously easy to please when it comes to planning the perfect getaway. I don’t need a far-flung destination, wall to wall sunshine or even all mod-cons and my dream summer holiday last year goes to prove it.

Just an hour in the car was all it took to reach the Happy Days Retro Vacations campsite near Saxmundham in Suffolk and before you all start thinking Sid James in Carry on Camping, this place turned out to be pure glamping chic in beautifully restored Airstream caravans with a very swanky ablutions block and marshmallows toasted over our own campfire.

The gently undulating Suffolk countryside and pretty coastline provided the perfect place to relax and unwind – apart from the day we went crabbing at Walberswick and certain family members came over all competitive when it came to tallying up the catch… That incident aside however, this holiday (which was so close to home it was almost a staycation), was a wonderful anecdote to the frantic pace of modern life and the unusual accommodation provided far more than a retro roof over our heads. (If you read Coming Home to Cuckoo Cottage you will discover exactly what I’m talking about.)

But don’t get me wrong, just because I’m happy to holiday close to home, there are still certain things I can’t do without and others I simply refuse to do. For example, no holiday is complete without a Very Special Read and the time it takes to select the perfect book provides almost as much pleasure as the reading itself. Perusing bookshelves and reading the blurb all contribute to that much anticipated moment when I can finally sit back, relax and dive in. Quite often this is happening while someone else is washing the dishes because that is without doubt one thing you absolutely won’t catch me doing on holiday. Surely Mum deserves just one week of the year without dishpan hands?

I know our holiday wasn’t exotic or particularly adventurous, but it was fun and it was family and it made me one very happy camper!

Love, Heidi xx