The High Moments
The High Moments by Sara-Ella Ozbeck
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the-high-moments-9781471187971_hrWe are delighted to introduce you to The High Moments, the debut novel from former fashion insider Sara-Ella Ozbek.

It’s very clear to us, here at @TeamBATC HQ, that women want to see themselves reflected in the media they consume, at their most fallible, awful and sometimes idiotic best.  This book is for anyone who wants to see real women on the page, characters who are human, who make mistakes, and who aren’t necessarily apologetic about it, set against the fast-paced, sometimes questionable backdrop of the fashion industry.

Commissioning Editor Bethan Jones, here at @TeamBATC HQ, said: “I found this book so incredibly relatable! It’s hilarious and candid and a bit filthy but there’s darkness in there, too, something that I believe many women will recognise. It’s what made me fall in love with the book in the first place. Sara-Ella is a writer of incredible wit and talent, and it’s going to be a lot of fun introducing her, and Scarlett, to readers this year.”

Ozbek is a London-based author of South African and Turkish descent who, after briefly interning at Vogue magazine, got a job at a global model agency. After six years as an agent, she left to pursue a career in writing.

She said: “Even after years of working in the fashion industry, with its roller coaster of extreme highs and lows, I have never been as excited as I was when I received the offer from Simon & Schuster, a publishing house that I have long admired. I’m thrilled to be working with a team of such smart, dynamic women and am ever grateful to Bethan for being so immediately enthusiastic about Scarlett, foibles and all.”






Scarlett makes mistakes – over and over again.
She’s not perfect, she has a tricky relationship with her mother and is desperate for people to like her.

She repeatedly goes back to the people that hurt her, no matter how badly.
She moves to London with no plan (of course), but manages to land a job at a modelling agency. Finally, she’s getting her life on track, but the fashion industry is a murkier place than she had imagined.

She changes herself to please others.
Just as she starts to find her place, Scarlett’s life begins to spiral. But at least people know her, she is starting to become someone. And surely it’s better to be someone – even if it’s someone you hate?

With a vein of dark humour at its core, The High Moments offers an astute, often stark look at the fashion industry and the issues you can face as a woman in your twenties – fans of Emma Jane Unsworth’s Animals and shows like Girls will love this.


Here’s some of the early reviews from our #BookClub members, and Netgalley reviewers:

Karena says : ‘I absolutely loved this book. Such a great read full of every emotion you could imagine. Would definitely recommend this book’

Abby S says : ‘A terrific read’

Bee M says : ‘Loved reading this book, reminded me of The Devil wears Prada.’

Kelly M says : ‘An edgy, dark and extremely relevant read full of emotion, that takes the reader on a murky journey in to the world of modelling through the eyes of an intern at a fashion agency who craves to be someone.’

Hayley says : ‘A heartwarming and in some parts heart wrenching story of loneliness, ambition, want, greed and ultimately realising what really matters on this rollercoaster that is life. A smashing debut!’ Read her full review here.

Michelle says : ‘Well written with some great characters – as a reader you feel you are right there with them. The plot draws you in and keeps you turning those pages.  A brilliant debut novel.’

Charlene says : ‘Incredibly funny, fresh and a lot of ‘oh no wtf’ moments – this was so refreshing to read. Modern and life affirming.’  Read her full review here.

Catriona says : ‘This book felt like The Devil Wears Prada meets Sweet Bitter and I loved it.  I loved being in this world of fashion, the cut throat world that it was and living in it vicariously through Scarlett. I loved getting to know her and watching her grow and learn as the book went on and I definitely loved the gritty edge that this book had. This is coming of age meets literary fiction and was such a refreshing read.’ Read her full review here.