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Well, there you have it.  Another year’s over, and what have I done?

I’ve bought (literally) a shed load of books, but haven’t read nearly enough of them.

I’ve eaten some of the best cakes of my life, and drunk some of the very best cocktails ever devised by mankind.  But, strangely, am no closer to my target BMI.

I took a whole month off and had the holiday of a lifetime with Mr BookMinx, but worked harder in the past 12 months, than I have in my entire life.

I’ve not spent anywhere near enough time with my friends, family and husband but have spent more time than it deserves on housework, paperwork and homework…

BUT.  By God it’s all been worth it, hasn’t it?

Here at @TeamBATC HQ we’ve partied hard at events up and down the country;  we celebrated the launch of our very first #digitaloriginals title, the brilliant The Two of Us by Andy Jones, with balloons and cupcakes at Bea’s of Bloomsbury; we scoffed incredible ice-cream with Abby Clements at udderlicious; we held our very first Spring Blogger Evening in March and ate our body weight in cheese straws; the warm, witty and wise Jackie Collins was the guest of honour at Grosvenor House Hotel at their last #Literati event; we made bunting with Heidi Swain to celebrate the launch of her debut novel The Cherry Tree Café; we had a very fancy afternoon tea with Milly Johnson to celebrate her bestselling novel Afternoon Tea at the Sunflower Café; we went on the road with Jane CostelloPaige ToonAndy JonesMilly JohnsonIona GreySandra HowardRachel Hore and Susan Elliot Wright with Hillingdon Libraries to celebrate their #CultureBite literary festival, and on Sunday just gone I skipped off to Birmingham with Louise Pentland for her Life With a Sprinkle of Glitter book signing at Clothes Show Live!

And what about competitions I hear you ask?  You (and nine other lucky people) could have won a massive box of Bourjois makeup with Melissa Hill this year; we had a super ice-cream maker to give away from Abby Clements; who wouldn’t have wanted a holiday in France courtesy of Rachel Hore; a stay at Champneys from Patricia Scanlan and a box of beauty stuff from Milly Johnson?  And you could have won a luxury holiday to Miami with The Santangelos, and even a Mulberry bag from Melissa Hill!  And giveaways?  GIVEAWAYS!  By Jove, the Big Hat of Chance has been a generous fellow this year, helping me to pick the names of hundreds of lucky winners to whom I’ve given away thousands of pounds worth of books… just don’t tell The Boss!

So, the geese are getting fat, and I’m off to put a penny in the old man’s hat.  And when I say a penny, I mean a fortune on pre-ordering. And when I say the old man, I mean my local bookseller, natch.  ‘Cause Spring 2016 is gearing up to be a cracker…

Our Song_B.inddFirst up, in January, we have the incredible Our Song from Dani Atkins; the brilliant new hardback from Adriana Trigiani – All the Stars in the Heavens;  and the film tie in version of the bestseller How To Be Single….just look at this trailer!

Then in February we have a very special new Santa Montefiore hardback – A Mother’s Love; the brilliant new Rachel Hore novel – The House on Bellevue Gardens;  the paperback edition of A Time for Friends by Patricia Scanlan and a wee short story from Holly Hepburn, Valentine’s Day at the Star and Sixpence.

In March we have the paperback edition of the bestseller, The Santangloes, by the late, great Jackie Collins – keep your eyes peeled for a fantastic competition on that.  And, AND, the eBook edition of a huge favourite of mine, These Days of Ours by #digitaloriginals author Juliet Ashton – look out for some very special proof giveaways coming soon, I predict they are going to go quicker than hot mince pies…  And, and, AND the brilliant new novel by Jane Costello is coming in March – Summer Nights at the Moonlight Hotel.  I’ve got a handful of special proofs left, so if you want to get your mittens on one in time for Christmas, look out for my #WIN next week…

9781471155055April will see the paperback edition of These Days of Ours hitting the shelves of bookshops up and down the country; the ebook edition of our debut novel from #digitaloriginals author Penny Parkes – Out of Practice;  the paperback of the latest Santa Montefiore novel Songs of Love and War and the next instalment from Holly Hepburn – Summer at the Star and Sixpence.

Then we hit Summer and we have (yelp) the next one (yelp) from Paige Toon (yelp) – The Man We Fell In Love With in May; in June we have a brand new novel from Milly Johnson – and hope to have a title to share with you soon; and our second novel from Heidi Swain, the fabulous Summer at Skylark Farm!

9781471153044July will see the long awaited second novel from Andy Jones; the excellent second novel from Santa Montefiore in the Deverill family trilogy; and the paperback edition of Out of Practice from Penny Parkes.  August we have a new one from Queen of the Chiller, Eleanor Moran; the paperbacks of All the Stars in the Heavens by Adriana Trigiani and The House on Bellevue Garden by Rachel Hore are both coming in September along with a very exciting novel by a new author for us, Georgina Clarke called The Regulars – which I’m super excited about, AND another Star and Sixpence instalment from Holly Hepburn!

Then it’s October, and we have another new one from BOTH Melissa Hill and Santa Montefiore; our very first Kate Furnivall novel comes in November, as does Christmas at the Star and Sixpence from Holly Helpburn, and AND we have a third book from Heidi Swain!  And before you know it, it’s December again – and we’ll have our fabulous Christmassy paperback edition of A Gift for You from Patricia Scanlan….


So.  Another busy year coming.  Thank you to all our fabulous authors, and fabulous friends of Books and the City – keep checking the site for news and gossip and if you want me, I’ll be hiding behind my TBR Pile!

Love SJV xxx