Finding Lucky Santangelo by Jackie Collins
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As a kid growing up I was an avid reader, devouring all kinds of stories and also making up my own – books filled with outrageous characters, yes, even at thirteen I was into creating racy exciting stories!

In the beginning my author of choice was the fabulous Enid Blyton. What a marvellous storyteller! From The Magic Faraway Tree to The Famous Five, Enid Blyton allowed my fervent imagination to run riot. And run riot it did. I started writing books at the age of ten – fun stories about teenage angst and all their problems. Writing was my passion, it was all I wanted to do. In school I came bottom in everything and top in composition. Yes! I had a vision of where my future would take me. . . all the way to the top of the bestseller list! This was my dream, but I never thought it would come true. And now – many years later, I have published 30 books – all of them bestsellers!

After moving on from Enid Blyton, I delved into the world of more sophisticated fiction – Harold Robbins and Mickey Spillane, both brilliant storytellers. But wait a minute, what was with the females in their books? They were either sex-crazed bitches or total wimps. They were either lurking in the bedroom or busy in the kitchen – nothing in between. Hmm. . . sex or cooking not good enough for me.

I hated what I perceived as a blatant double standard. I wanted to write women who could stand up to any man and do ANYTHING! I wanted to write female characters who were smart, beautiful, sexually equal, and most of all – strong.

And so eventually I created the character of Lucky Santangelo. Ah. . . Lucky. My fierce, fabulous, wildly beautiful Lucky – a woman who can achieve absolutely anything.

Born in my book Chances to the sweetly gentle Maria, and the notorious Gino Santangelo – Lucky is adored by both her parents, until her world crumbles, when, at five years of age, she discovers her mother’s murdered body floating on a lilo in the family swimming pool.

From then on everything changes. Instead of being her loving father, Gino becomes her strict protector – making sure nothing bad happens to her. Locked up in their Bel Air mansion, Lucky rebels. She wants to be free to choose her own path in life. She wants to enter the family business and build hotels in Vegas, exactly like Gino. Her brother, Dario, could not care less about carrying on the family tradition. So Lucky informs Gino that she is the one who will work beside him. However, as a total chauvinist, Gino says no way – girls must be married and have babies. And so the Santangelo family saga begins…

confessionsofawildchild Now eight books and three mini-series later, Lucky is still my most popular character. She’s also the woman I would like to be in another life. Strong, invincible, exciting and fun! I think my readers love Lucky because she does and says all the things they would like to, but don’t quite have the courage. That’s okay, for Lucky does it for them!

I am currently writing The Santangelos – having recently completed Confessions of a Wild Child– all about Lucky’s crazy and uninhibited teenage years. And so, the saga continues. Keep on reading, and I’ll keep on writing.

Love and friendship always,

Jackie Collins

Visit Jackie’s website at www.jackiecollins.com, and follow her on Pinterest and Twitter at JackieJCollins and Facebook at www.facebook.com/jackiecollins.

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confessionsofawildchildWho is Lucky Saint? She’s a fifteen year old wild child who discovered her mother’s murdered body floating in the family swimming pool when she was only five years old.

In Confessions of a Wild Child you will follow Lucky as she navigates her teen years – boys, drugs, family dramas, and many adventures from Greek islands to Vegas penthouses. Meet Jackie Collins’ most popular and beloved heroine.

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