Farewell Emma C! by SJV
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Seasons. Fashion. The tide. Life is one long ebb and flow of change. As often for good as it can be for bad. Potus for example. Or, you know, the daily recommended amount of fibre you’re supposed to consume.

Here at @TeamBATC we’ve experienced the absolute joy of many new starters with a penchant for popular fiction joining our gang. And the overwhelming misery of colleagues who have moved on to pastures a slightly different shade of green.

Sales experts, marketing and publicity gurus. Designers and production specialists who understand exactly what we mean when we shout ‘more flitter!’ at the top of our lungs.

But there’s one category of colleague that when they start at S&S, or leave us, can feel like riding a unicorn on a rainbow road sprinkled with gold or like straddling a diseased slug on a mud path to hell.

Whilst it would seem they’ll have to carry me out in a wooden casket, kicking and screaming, our darling Emma Capron, Queen of the Red Pen of Doom, is off to pastures new and whilst, natch, we wish her all the very best in her future endeavours, we also will NEVER forgive her for abandoning us.

She’s held the reigns of our #DigitalOriginals publishing program like a total Boss. Managed the publishing strategy and editorial direction of Big Brand Authors like Heidi Swain and Holly Hepburn with aplomb. Championed, cajoled and cheerleaded our popular fiction at every stage of the publishing process from acquisition stage to books-on-the-shelf with sass, confidence and a huge loudhailer and I, for one, am gonna miss her like crazy.

She has been at S&S Towers for seven years and made so many friends over that time. She’s fun, funny, as calm as she is crazy, tolerant and patient, and a total hoot to work with.

But, BUT, it’s not all doom, gloom and loss.

As the saying goes, The King is dead, long live The King, and it’s with pure delight I can reveal our wonderful Rebecca Farrell (Bec to us) is slipping her feet into the @TeamBATC Editorial Slippers and is braced and ready for impact.


Bec joined S&S last year from Bonnier, working closely with our Managing Director (Suzanne Baboneau) and Publishing Director (she who must be obeyed, Jo Dickinson) on uber authors Santa Montefiore, Rachel Hore, Anstey Harris and Sarah Vaughan, among many others, and is going to be awesome in her new role. She’s picked up the Red Pen of Doom already and is raring to go, so fear not fellow Popular Fiction fans, it’s ALL good.

Please join me in wishing our dear Emma the very fondest of farewells and Bec a wonderful welcome to the gang!



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