The Fall and Rise of Sadie McQueen by Juliet Ashton
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‘A heartwarming gem, this will make you laugh and cry while restoring your faith in humanity, community and the power of love’ heat

‘An uplifting novel with humour and poignancy’ Woman

‘Charming and uplifting’ My Weekly

‘An uplifting read’ Hello

‘Charming and full of twists’ Woman’s Weekly

‘A feel-good treat’ Yours 

This is a novel about community, love, laughter and healing. Think Cold Feet meets David Nicholls, with a dash of the joy of Jill Mansell added for good measure.

It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but Cherry Blossom Mews is a miraculous place. It’s somewhere that finds you, rather than the other way around.

Sadie McQueen has leased a double fronted space in this small cul de sac in a culturally diverse corner of central London. The cobbles muffle the noise of double-deckers roaring past the arched gates. Turn right and you are in a futuristic maze of corporate glass monoliths. Turn left and you see a wide street with many different houses. Towering above the mews are the degenerating tower blocks of an infamous estate. The old folks home and the nearby school are both in need of TLC; the private members’ club that set up shop in a listed Georgian building has been discreetly refurbished at huge expense.

Into this confusion comes Sadie. She fell in love with the street the moment she first twisted her ankle on its cobbles. Her double-fronted unit is now a spa. She has sunk all her money into the lease and refurbishment. She’s sunk all her hope into the carefully designed treatment rooms, the calm white reception space, the bijou flat carved out of the floor above.

Sadie has a mission to connect. To heal herself from tragedy. Sadie has wrapped the mews around her like a warm blanket, after unimaginable loss and unimaginable guilt. Her hard-won peace is threatened, not only by the prospect of the mews going under but by a man aptly named Hero who wakes up her comatose heart.

Sadie has a lot to give, and a lot to learn, not least that some ghosts aren’t ghosts at all.

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Sharon says : ‘The Cherry Blossom Mews community drew me into their everyday lives, so much so, I continued to think about the characters long after the story ended.  The Fall and Rise of Sadie McQueen is a must read.  I urge you to add to your wishlist.’ Read her full blog tour review here.

Kaisha says : ‘Emotional, humourous, romantic, dynamic, relatable… honestly, it had everything I could have wanted from a book and more. I was gutted when it finished.’ Read her full blog tour review here.

Agi says : ‘this book is so wonderful, this book is everything, this book is a gem of a read – what more can I say? I loved it from the beginning to the end, lived and breathed with the characters and yes, it left me in pieces but also feeling so positive.’ Read her full blog tour review here.

Candy says : ‘What a gorgeously heart-warming book, I absolutely loved it!’ Read her full blog tour review here.

Linda says : ‘I think what appealed to me most about The Fall and Rise of Sadie McQueen is that the themes presented are ultimately positive and heartwarming. The exploration of what truly makes a family is intriguing and Juliet Ashton manages to depict love and friendship without cloying sentimentality whilst ensuring an entertaining and uplifting read.’ Read her full blog tour review here.

Charlene says : ‘Funny, heart warming and uplifting.’ Read her full blog tour review here.

Melisa says : ‘A lovely story, that does keep you on your toes which I loved and would definitely recommend to people that want that little ‘bit extra’ in their story.’ Read her full blog tour review here.

Annette says : ‘This book faces hard issues but has an uplifting finish and all the love, warmth and humour of Juliet’s previous book The Sunday Lunch Club.’ Read her full blog tour review here.

Here are just a handful of the #BookClub member and Netgalley quotes we received for the stunning new Juliet Ashton novel, #TheFallAndRiseOfSadieMcQueen.

***** ’this book is like a warm hug and a delight to read.’

***** ‘I didn’t want to leave this book, I wanted to stay…’

**** ‘a wonderful storyline, fab characters and it will leave you feeling like you have had a big hug in book form.’

***** ‘I was laughing one minute and crying the next.’

**** ‘a very good study of human weaknesses and thoughtfully written’

***** ‘was sad to get to the end of the book’

**** ‘so full of surprising twists it kept me hooked all the way through’

***** ‘a lovely read’

***** ‘a totally fabulous book’

**** ‘lots of twists and turns’

***** ‘charming, laugh out loud funny,’

**** ‘the writing style reminded me of Giovanna Fletcher, so if you like her and want a story with substance, this could be the book for you.’

***** ‘a lovely book’

**** ‘a book of hope, love, and a lot of happiness’

***** ‘the characters were all magnificently solid and flawed and I felt like I knew them all’

**** ‘a very satisfying ending’

***** ‘a lovely heartwarming story’

**** ‘a beautiful story with a lovely ending’

***** ‘a thoroughly delightful book’

***** ‘Juliet writes quirky communities so beautifully and Sadie McQueen is another gorgeous read. It’s full of heart, humanity and humour – a sweet oasis in a dark world, I loved it.’

**** ‘such a feel good book’

***** ‘such a captivating plot with lots of unexpected twists and turns’

**** ‘charming and made me giggle out loud’

**** ‘thoroughly enjoyed this book’

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