#DigitalOriginals #OneDay Top Tips from Emma Capron by SJV
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On Sunday 15th July, we are hosting the Books and the City #OneDay open submissions day. If you’ve ever written anything and haven’t had the chutzpah to share it; if you’ve been desperately submitting your work left, right and centre with no luck; if you’ve never even thought of writing a novel but this has piqued your interest… then this day is your day!

This year we are looking for something completely different – get ready to wow us with your new ideas. Yes, this is an open day for submissions in the women’s fiction genre, but we’re looking for new voices, new perspectives… something that will break the mould. Give us love stories, families, friendships, community. We want it all! Make us laugh, make us cry, give us an emotional book hangover. Give us characters that will stay with us forever. No pressure! ;)

My top tips are:

  1.  Write what you know or on a topic you know well. You’ll be working with it for a while, so make sure you like it!!
  2. If you don’t have a novel in the bag already, but really want to make the most of the opportunity, get down a couple of chapters or a short story – this is just as much about your writing and voice than it is about the story you are submitting. We can always work together to develop a story if the writing is there!
  3. If you believe in your characters, the reader will – there is no such thing as getting to know them too well… Give them a thorough background check – what were they like as a child, what was their favourite subject, who were their best friends etc. i.e. What made them who they are today?
  4. Don’t be afraid to write something different – readers are crying out to have their lives represented in the books they read. Be bold – we, the readers, look forward to being represented and being educated. Love is love, after all.
  5. Think you don’t have time to write? If you want to write you will always find the time. Write a couple of sentences every time you are in a queue/ on the bus/ before you sit down to watch the next episode of Love Island. It will happen sooner than you think possible! And once you are in it, you’ll find the time more and more often.

Good luck everyone. I can’t wait to read your submissions!

E xx

Emma Capron | Editor, Fiction