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Eleanor Moran’s LA Diary – Day 5! by Eleanor Moran
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So today is my last day in LA, and I’m finding it hard to say goodbye. Today I went to the offices of someone VERY FAMOUS (sadly the very famous person was NOT there doing the photocopying) and had one of those hilarious LA moments where I had to wade through a working TV set to get there. There was a woman dressed as a ghoul having extra blood applied to her face and lots of men with extravagantly gelled hair wearing tight britches. I feel like britches should definitely make a comeback. What they were filming was the new David Fincher TV show that HBO are making, which is all about his days as a music video director in the 80s. It’s going to be amazing. I’m sorry that I was too shy to take a photo, you’ll have to take my word for it.

My last night here I hung out with my best friend Stef eating hotel cookies and discussing the feature film we want to write together. It’s basically The Holiday, starring souped-up versions of us. An American girl and her British best friend, who will do anything she can to stay in the country, including marrying someone – anyone, in fact – with a US passport. We’re hoping to write it this summer, but it’s mainly an excuse for us to do ridiculous things together when I’m over here in our quest for ‘material’. Last time I was here we trawled some estate sales in Santa Barbara where ancient rich people sell off their possessions, on the basis that our British character could be on the lookout for an ancient, minted husband, and the comic book store last week definitely provided a whole host of character insights.

I took a detour on my way back to my hotel to make a pit stop at my favourite bookshop in LA – maybe the world – Book Soup on Sunset Boulevard. David Morrisey wandered in looking suave and bookish – no biggie. It’s filled with cool signed hardbacks and fabulous cards. I bought one with this gorgeous quote from The Velveteen Rabbit. Here is their current top ten looking all fabulous. AND their staff top ten. I urge you to take your book-loving self to a bookshop posthaste. I love my Kindle, but there’s nothing like them.

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Top Ten

So this is it. I’m going home with half of J. Crew in my luggage and slightly sunburnt ankles. And hopefully, hopefully a handful of cool TV projects that I’ll do my damndest to get made. Until next time…

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