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Eleanor Moran’s LA Diary – Day 4! by Eleanor Moran
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Welcome to Part 4 of Eleanor Moran’s LA Diary, written exclusively for Books and the City. Eleanor Moran’s novel A Daughter’s Secret is out this July.

So I’ve worked out what the worst thing in LA is. Not the lax attitude to gun control, not the Kardashians – no, it’s the OTHER BRITISH PEOPLE! The sun has come out and the other British people at my hotel are completely over-excited. One man came to breakfast in a dung-coloured waistcoat and colonial style long shorts, and bellowed into his iPhone almost continuously. He actually said “My Dear Man…” without irony before 10 am.

Talking of both the Kardashians and of guns, I took a sneaky detour between meetings today to have a sniff around the Marc Jacobs store on Melrose. Well, that was my intention, but there was a crowd of people outside the shop, and two police cars. My first thought, ridiculously, was that someone had been murdered in there so I went into the shop next door and asked, in a suitably hushed and respectful tone, what had happened. No murder – they were filming for Keeping Up With The Kardashians in the Dash store, and apparently any public filming in West Hollywood requires a police presence, which has to beat chasing down shoplifters any day. Here is a blurry picture of the crowds of Kardashian fans hoping for a glimpse of Kim’s legendary behind.


I finished the gloriously sunny day on the roof of my hotel, with my friends Graham and Stefanie. Here we all are, nestled up close. Graham won an Oscar this year for his script for ‘The Imitation Game’. If you haven’t seen his incredible speech, please watch it here. I defy you not to cry.

Soho House

Oh, and as I type in Soho House, I just saw Harry Styles again. His hair looks magnificent today, you’ll be pleased to hear.

More soon!

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