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Eleanor Moran’s LA Dairy – Day 1! by Eleanor Moran
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Welcome to Part 1 of Eleanor Moran’s LA Diary, written exclusively for Books and the City. Eleanor Moran’s novel A Daughter’s Secret is out this July.

I’m writing this from the roof of Soho House in West Hollywood, on day two of my LA odyssey. I run a TV drama department by day and write novels by night, like a particularly geeky superhero who doesn’t as yet save the world. This week I’m out here meeting incredible TV writers and meeting other producers, including Brad Pitt’s company, to try and find exciting projects to bring back to the UK. I’ve worked on all kinds of shows in my time, from Rome to New Tricks via everything in between.

The celeb count here is RIDICULOUS and I’m hopelessly incapable of being blasé. Last night Tom Bidwell and I, creator of the unerringly brilliant Mad Fat Diary who is out here too, spotted Harry Styles in the Chateau Marmont, sporting a rather weird ‘sailor’ jacket. This morning I shared a lift with Emma Stone, who exuded loveliness from every perfect pore.

LA is very LA! My jetlag was insane the day I arrived so I went for a massage, which normally makes me feel a bit more human. It being LA, despite the fact that it was in a backroom of a nail spa, Kevin my perky bald masseuse made me pick three Angel Cards at the end. (Here they are – he took a picture for me so I wouldn’t forget the message!) Kevin and the angels say I need to be true to myself, which I don’t think involves giving Harry Styles my opinion on the inadvisability of the nautical look.

Angel Cards

Over breakfast I filled my face with pancakes and discussed how to make time travel feel real – what would you do if you’d hurtled back to Roman times and needed a pee? This afternoon I’m off to see Lifetime, another TV channel out here. It’s good to be able to think about more female-focused TV propositions for them, rather than new twists on lonely, moody men with an uncanny knack for solving grisly murders.

In between meetings I’m frantically tip-tapping away, trying to write my new novel. My first title for Simon & Schuster comes out this summer, A Daughter’s Secret, and is completely devoid of lonely, moody men solving murders. Instead my heroine is Mia, a young psychotherapist who gets in over her head when she takes on the case of a teenage girl whose dad, now missing, is the linchpin of a major criminal case.

It’s lunchtime now which, in LA, can only mean one thing: KALE! Here they ingest kale any way they can get it – they drink it, chew it, I wouldn’t be surprised if they inject it. I might throw a spanner in the works by asking for some chard. Yes, Kevin, I am being true to myself.

Until tomorrow …

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