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The Distant Shores by SJV
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We are delighted to introduce you to the brand new Santa Montefiore novel, #TheDistantShores, out now in paperback, eBook and audio!

The escapist summer read of 2021 from the Sunday Times Number One bestselling author.

With pure escapism on every page, The Distant Shores tells the story of a family torn apart, and the woman who will bring them back together.

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Margot Hart travels to Ireland to write a biography of the famous Deverill family. She knows she must speak to the current Lord Deverill – JP – if she is to uncover the secrets of the past. A notorious recluse, JP won’t be an easy man to crack. But Margot is determined – and she is not a woman who is easily put off.

What she never expected was to form a close bond with JP and be drawn into his family disputes. Shouldering the blame for running up debts that forced him to sell the family castle, JP is isolated and vulnerable. With help from his handsome son Colm, it seems as though Margot might be the only one who can restore JP’s fortunes.

Will the family ever succeed in healing rifts that have been centuries in the making?

‘An irresistible confection of family secrets, vengeful ghosts and near-fatal accidents in which love eventually conquers all’ DAILY MAIL

‘An enchanting read that’s heart-warming and poignant, with a touch of mystery’ YOURS


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‘Beautifully written. Perfect reading when you need to escape from life. I absolutely loved it’ Fiction Book Reviews, read her full review here.

‘I’ll say from the beginning that I loved this book, Santa Montefiore is one of my favorite romance authors, because her stories transmit so much emotion and feelings, they are impossible to forget’ Maria, read her full review here.

‘Filled with wonderful characters, this book is beautifully written and really makes you feel as though you are living the events. A memorable novel, I have found myself thinking about it long after finishing’ Vik, read her full review here.

‘A heart warming read and a book to swoon over’ Niamh, read her insta post here.

‘This was such a fascinating read that had me captivated from the start. The storyline is beautiful and immersive, with a intriguing plot that has plenty of depth and drive throughout’ Victoria, read her full review here.

‘… this book packed a punch emotionally and was very powerful in the way it was written’ Kim, read her insta post here.

‘I absolutely fell in love with this. I really enjoyed Santa Montefiore’s writing style, it was beautiful’ Hayley, read her insta post here.

‘I was completely swept away by this historical, Irish drama. With a gloriously addictive plot line, a picturesque landscape and a determined protagonist, The Distant Shores is the perfect summer read about family history, mending old wounds and reconnecting with some Irish charm weaves throughout’ Bronagh, read her full review here.

‘The author writes well and has obviously invested a great deal of time in bringing this series to life. The characters are many and varied, and I enjoyed reading of Margot’s involvement in bringing the past to light and the way that family, friendship and forgiveness is ultimately what matters’ Jo, read her full review here.

‘A mesmerizing tale that is simply unforgettable, Santa Montefiore’s The Distant Shores is another outstanding page-turner from this terrific writer’ Julie, read her full review here.


‘A beautiful and memorable read, and one I would definitely recommend!’ ***** Donna

‘Wonderful!’ ***** Karen

‘Santa has outdone herself this time, an entertaining and highly recommended book’ ***** Liza