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The Cornish Hideaway by Jennifer Bibby by SJV
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You may remember that back in September 2020, we held our very first exclusive #DigitalOriginals open submission day for member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association New Writers’ Scheme – the #RNANWSOneDay – and it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to the first novel, and author, that we snapped up as part of the project!

We received 116 submissions on 15th September, but the first three chapters of #TheCornishHideaway by Jennifer Bibby absolutely captivated the whole team here, and we couldn’t wait to read the rest of the novel! It’s heart-warming, heartfelt and romantic, full of community, friendship and lessons in learning to love again, and you’re going to LOVE it when we publish in March 2022!

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A beautiful village. An artist who’s lost her spark. And a community who help her find it again.

All Freya has ever wanted to do is paint. So when she fails her Master’s Degree in Art, on the same day that her boyfriend decides he needs a ‘more serious’ partner, to Freya it feels like the end of the world.

Luckily, she has a saviour in the shape of best friend Lola, who invites her to the sleepy Cornish village of Polcarrow, to work in her café. With nothing keeping her in London, Freya jumps at the chance of a summer by the sea.

Freya needs time to focus on herself. But then dark and mysterious biker Angelo blows into town on a stormy afternoon, with his own artistic dreams and a secretive past, and Freya’s plans of a romance-free summer fly straight out of the window…


author photo jennifer bibby300As a lifelong lover of stories, Jennifer Bibby spent her teenage years wowing various teachers with her historical epics before finding her feet exploring the everyday lives of modern women through literature. In addition to being a bibliophile she loves classy cocktails, cake and medieval history. She’s happiest by the sea and loves to travel, and firmly believes that dinosaurs improve everything. The Cornish Hideaway is her debut novel.

Here’s Jen herself to tell you a little more:

“I’m excited to share Freya and Angelo’s love story with you next spring. They’ve taken quite a journey over the years moving from Renaissance Tuscany to modern day Cornwall. I was first inspired to write what would later become #TheCornishHideaway as a University student following watching a Michelangelo documentary back in 2004. I’ve written other stories over the years but this one, full of art, faith and community plus a little bit of magic, has always called me back. A trip to St Ives in 2014 gave me a beautiful new home for my cast. When I pressed send on my RNA One Day submission I had no idea that it would be the start of my dreams coming true, and I’m still pinching myself now! It’s been wonderful to work with Sara-Jade and Alice and their enthusiasm and insight into Freya and Angelo and the whole Polcarrow crew has made joining Books and the City a complete joy. Being able to escape to Polcarrow during lockdown was a blessing and I hope you’ll enjoy your trip there, I highly recommend getting in some scones for the journey!”



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