When I Come Home Again
When I Come Home Again by Caroline Scott
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From Caroline Scott, the highly acclaimed author of The Photographer of the Lost, a BBC Radio 2 Book Club Pick, and based on true events, When I Come Home Again is a deeply moving and powerful story of a nation’s outpouring of grief, and the search for hope in the aftermath of war.

‘A powerful story that’s achingly moving and most beautifully written. Readers of Maggie O’Farrell and Helen Dunmore are likely to enjoy When I Come Home Again’ Rachel Hore, bestselling author of The Love Child

They need him to remember. He wants to forget.

1918. In the last week of the First World War, a uniformed soldier is arrested in Durham Cathedral. When questioned, it becomes clear he has no memory of who he is or how he came to be there.

The soldier is given the name Adam and transferred to a rehabilitation home. His doctor James is determined to recover who this man once was. But Adam doesn’t want to remember. Unwilling to relive the trauma of war, Adam has locked his memory away, seemingly for good.

When a newspaper publishes a feature about Adam, three women come forward, each claiming that he is someone she lost in the war. But does he believe any of these women? Or is there another family out there waiting for him to come home?

‘Wonderful and evocative . . . it was immediately intriguing and had the ring of truth. But what I realised . . . is that it is so much more subtle and complex than being just the journey to discover who Adam really is. It is not only about memory and identity, it’s about the repercussions and tragedy of war, reaching out across vast swathes of society’ Suzanne Goldring, author of Burning Island


Poppy says : ‘When I Come Home Again is as beautifully written, as heartbreaking, as moving, as Scott’s first novel.’ Read her full review on instagram here.

Book-Social says : ‘I was scared I wasn’t going to love When I Come Home Again as much as I did The Photographer of the Lost. But I did, I do, I really do. Buy it in October. Then come back and tell me how much you love it too.’ Read their full review here.

Sandra B says : ‘This book pulls at the heartstrings’

Kirsty says : ‘The way in which Caroline Scott writes about the long lasting trauma faced by soldiers of World War One is haunting. The style is achingly beautiful and you can feel the emotion on every page. This is the sort of book that stays with you a long time after finishing it.’

Marina says : ‘Very compelling and thought provoking in very emotional ways… the realness of the story resonated throughout in unexpected heart-wrenching ways.’

Kathryn says : ‘A moving story.’

Trev says : ‘The pace is beautifully set and compliments a very difficult time and subject in the history of the world, and wonderfully shows the effect of war not only on the victims but also their immediate family.’

Reviewer577250 says : ‘A heart-breaking read which reveals the far-reaching tragedies of war… I highly recommend it’

Rachel F says : ‘From the first chapter, I was pulled in by the mystery, plot, and wonderfully developed character cast.’

TheBookBag says : ‘It’s rich in detail as you would expect from an author who is a historian first and only then a novelist, but it wears its research lightly, and its characters will make you believe and will make you think, about then and (hopefully) also a little about now.’  Read the full review here.